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PSIR Shubhra ranjan notes

Hi, I have enrolled for Shubhra ranjan's PSIR postal correspondent course. The notes sent to me were not legible (two rows on one page). I find the 2017 notes much better to read. Is it sufficient if I cover the static part from 2017 notes and dynamic from the material shared through correspondent. In case the 2017 material is not sufficient which latest notes should I buy from market as there are many available on notesindia, pankajcopiers. I am stuck somewhere and couldn't access the notes sent by Shubhra ranjan institute.


Hi friends , those who are looking forward for answer writing guidance or any guidance for political science optional can ping me ... personalized guidance would be provided at a nominal cost, myself have given upsc interview twice with psir... got 280s in 2016 and 290 in 2017 .... I would try to provide individual attention and honest service to subscribers ... any one interested can post two answer for which I will give review and if you guys feel worth it then u can take things forward thank you:-)

2. Here guidance would be charged on a monthly basis a nominal cost , along with answer evaluation for those who have issues with writing and for newcomers path would be shown which material to read and how read which articles which websites to refer

3. Personal attention would be given unlike the big institutes where u are one among the many , however even effort should be made from the student also to see results

4. Weekly answer writing assignments would be given , and assessment would be done at regular basis through telephonic conversation and whatsapp, so those interested in the programme pm me for further discussion

5. Follow this link on telegram -
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