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Post-Mains Query

Just a small introduction - 26, a lawyer by training, gave Mains 2022 in what was my 2nd attempt. 

While improving upon my answer writing skills and content enrichment, I would also want to start working in content creation for UPSC. Before starting my UPSC journey, I was a lawyer in a High Court for around 1 and a half years. Left that because of the toll the hours were having on my health and because I wanted to give UPSC a chance. Having said that, because I was so heavily involved in drafting and all, my writing skills (and by extension, content creation) is pretty decent. 

While I wait for the results, I would like to work somewhere as a content developer or teacher. 

Can someone guide me about the process and the expected salary/remuneration?

Thanks in advance.  



did forum come out with compilation of last year's transcripts?
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