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Prelims 2021 Results Declared - In or Out ?


The ones who have cleared, can you please share what went correct for you in the preparation? How did you tackle s&t, environment and history in the paper. I find these to be my weak areas and cannot figure out how to strengthen them? Also, how can we ensure that we get through prelims, no matter how random the paper seems? For history, I have started reading Old NCERT by RS Sharma, but I don’t know why I feel it is a really bulky book and won’t be a good ROI. Had read TN history for my previous attempt. Should I continue with that only and supplement it with lots of questions ? Also, do you guys feel post prelims 2021, the new NCERTs from 6-12th be done (as advocated by everyone currently). Sorry for so many questions, really need advice on these. 

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