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[Results] Prelims 2020 Over - Gearing for 2021

I have doubts in 3-4 questions

1) factors affecting rice price --In my opinion Government trading should not b there as There is no such thing(FCI do not have any profit loss account, MSP is not trading, APEDA is  involved in basmati but  not direct trade but promotion of export etc)

2)non financial debt waala question I have marked Treasury bills only(it purely depends on what UPSC wants to ask so pure luck factor here ,lets see)

3) Growth rate in rural employment has decreased (in my opinion this isn't correct as post liberalization growth in employment has been seen across india(india is still 70-80% rural and without rural job growth overall job growth isn't possible,jobs shifted from agri to non agri)

4) Minister waala question I have marked 1 only though it seems it is wrong 

5)There is no minimum no of days parliament is required to meet in a year(All coaching rely on IE article and no other sources) ---Atleast twice in a year itself mean MPs will have to come 2 days(Answer for no minimum ....Can be zero days also but thats not the case)

@Rakhmabai If There is no minimum no of days parliament should meet then answer can be ZERO DAYS also but thats not the case. Parliament must assemble atleast twice . 

Is attempting 80-85 questions necessary in order to get 100+ marks. All those players I met till now scoring 100+ said that they have attempted 85+ questions (I am getting 88 marks and have attempted 69 questions and 2-3 questions are debatable as of now so not included them in my marks calculation)
No permission is required for block chain is 100% settled thing (Because few days back I read in TH that telangana or AP government used block chain technology in LAND RECORDS, SO obviously it don't require any permission to develope such programings/algos). Crypto currency is just an application/part of block chain technology not the block chain itself. 
I know a guy(preparing since 4 years and 4th attempt this time ,wrote UPSC mains twice, wrote UP-PCS mains twice and reached till interview in UP-PCS) IS SCORING 114. He said it was like do or die for him with very less hopes as he was busy with UP-PSC mains preparation/exam till just a week before prelims. He attempted 97 questions and getting 114
Now I think even polity was difficult!!!! It seems upsc has played with words in polity and in rest of section they have directly bombarded difficult questions. 
@Resav_Singh article 14 and Article 15 both are involved here

Article 15 is not available to foreigners. 


3-4 questions if correct I may reach atleast 90+ (at present getting 85)

1)marked only T-Bills 

2)marked only C in post liberalization employment waala question

3)didn't marked "government trading" as price influencer of rice in retail market

4) Preamble -only A(did it by mistake as time was less and didn't read all 4 options ,4th option is correct in my opinion)

5)marked only A in minister waala question

Clear cut answers are not available even on internet for above questions

Now focussing on BPSC PRELIMS 27th december 

@KratosOfPUBG clear-cut given in pib that it is an statutory under 1986 act. Eg: Water act 1974 has authority only over 11 states(till 1986 when environment act wasn't there) but since/via 1986 act it excersie its power over whole india now

@Dream11 whatever u type on INTERNET, Shodh ganga, research gate will definitely have contents related to that topic. Sodh ganga is like ocean of knowledge (contains research paper of all fields of thousands of students)
TRIMS question-directly asked in BPSC 2017 PRELIMS
Desher katha question asked in BPSC prelims 2019
UPSC asked them in detail but BPSC question were one liner(TRIMS IS RELATED TO.......
WHO WROTE desher katha......


Avg Marks of 30 -35 random students who qualified last year in prelims and compare it with how much they r scoring in 2020 prelims (avg marks of 30-35 students)

Will give rough estimate about cutoff

If average is down then cutoff will also go down(and vice versa also true)

@appyfizz ekdam correct. One of the senior player I know said UPSC is a kind of cycle every year there are people who may have cleared prelims last time but will fail in their next attempt (in prelims) and they will be replaced by those who fell short of 3-6 marks in their past attempt (in prelims). He said this time aslo he know atleast 2-3 people who are clearing prelims for 1st time (in their 2nd-3rd attempt) and some of his friends who have cleared last time won't clear this time(most of them getting 90,92 etc)
The guy who told me this will clear this time also (probably will write his 3rd mains). BOTTOM LINE ÷
Cutoffs won't go below 95-96 

2 baar prelims me fail ho to ghar waale bhi  sochne lagte hai ladaka time pass kr rahaa hai,☺️😊,,,, betaa aanta leya, sabji leya, falaana dhimkaana .....Padh rahaa hu bhi nahi kah sakte,,, result/output to kuch hai nahi.....
@skandagupta bhai quality of applicants matter most. In RLWY GRP D I remember 1 crore applied for few thousand seats in 2015. In CSE there r  Top quality students from each and every field (doctor,IIT, IIM etc etc) . In CGL also there is a dedicated lot preparing day and night for posts like Income tax inspector etc etc but still I feel if someone has strong grip over Maths and he is regularly reading TH then he can very well qualify CGL and PO (one of my friend with 2 backlogs in his core subjects, didn't got placements also, used to say the moment I will clear my all backs I will become PO- Yes he indeed cracked Bank PO exam without much effort,just solved 30-40 mocks ; Because his grip over APTITUDE Maths was very strong). My Maths is very terrible but I have seen students from NIT IIT do have good command over basic mathematics (10th level)


Bahut negative stories since last 10 days....Ham sab jarur kaamyaab honge bhaai...Be positive ...Today I saw result of HIGHCOURT RO (4800 scale group B)...MOST OF THOSE SELECTED WERE 29-30-33 age(all general category) etc etc etc.. BEROJGARI BAHUT HAI.. ...WAITING LIST LAMBI HAI..... bas one s suggestion ÷ Take state PCS ,RO/ARO exams very seriously. EVEN IF U HAVE TO TAKE 1 YEAR BREAK FROM UPSC preparation for state PCS preparation do take it but Make solid grip on ALL GHATNA CHAKRA, PAST PAPERS OF UPPSC/BPSC etc....If someone is good at aptitude then he must try sincerely for SEBI RBI CGL etc also

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