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Psychology Optional

I didn't find a thread for Psychology Optional, so starting a new one!

Please do mention your resources, strategy and any good test series, if you're taking one

My resources

Paper 1

1. Robert Baron and Cicarelli

2. AK Singh

Paper 2

1. Smarak Swain 

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@GaryVee Thanks... I will take a few days off and will decide what should be the future course of action... If I decide to continue on this UPSC journey, I will definitely study psychology and few topics of GS papers and make some notes for quick revision also till February... But, I have already given the last 2 years to this exam, so have to decide whether to continue or not...
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AIR 9 Psychology 306 has shared his strategy and notes
Might be of some help to you guys 

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Sk123 said

What test series will you guys be joining? Asking for a friend.

I won't be joining one. Will rely on PYQs and last year's tests (and model answers) of Enserio Education (Ankit Pathak), which he has uploaded on his website.

Oasis, Sk123
Same case with me, getting 100+ in GS but I don't think I will be able to cross 66.66 marks in CSAT. Currently, I am getting around 65 marks and only passages can save me, all depends on UPSC key now.
Still, I will study baron at least till result.
GaryVee, Un_Worded

Same. 106- 108

But csat is troubling

Anyways, whats your plan of action for psychology?

GaryVee, Un_Worded

The sources I am following are not very different from yours. Those are the standard books of choice for a majority of psych optional people. 

What I am doing right now is compiling all of that into my own notes under the different heads mentioned in the syllabus. 

Regarding test series, I haven't joined any. Options are limited. For now, I am focussing more on solving PYQs for sections that I finish reading. 

I am planning to continue giving priority to Optional for two more weeks before Prelims takes precedence. 

What is your strategy? How are you managing your time between prelims and optional? And have you taken any classes?

Oasis, Kasturi22

My strategy is more or less the same, I will be completing the syllabus by July end, so probably will solve PYQs in August and September. 

I am not making any notes as such, I just copy paste short questions at the back of each chapter and key words given in the text to Super Memo software and study in that only 

So far, the results have been good!

Probably from August, we can start sharing our answers to PYQs in this thread!

Oasis, GaryVee

In quora, there's a person named Dinesh Yadav. He scored around 311 in psychology optional and wrote a very answer for psychology optional strategy. Do read it if you get time. 

There's a pdf of the same, but I am not able to find it in my desktop right now. 

Just google - Dinesh Yadav + Psychology Optional + UPSC

GaryVee, shubham543
@GaryVee That would be a good idea!!

Oasis, GaryVee
AIR 9 Psychology 306 has shared his strategy and notes
Might be of some help to you guys 

Thanks for sharing. Have watched this.

There's another interview of his on Enserio Education, which is more detailed. That's also helpful.


GaryVee said

Congrats! I am also IN. :grin:

congrats !

lagat hai iss baar psychology wale kuch kamal karengen final list me !

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