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Regrading prelims preparation.

Last year was my first attempt for upsc prelims, i had only prepared for 2 months before prelims and only gave 3-4 mocks but i was getting 72 marks with 43 questions correct and 23 wrong, after that i had been preparing for other exams, now i want to again start preparing for upsc prelims, what should be the strategy for me and should i complete my optional along with pre preparation and hence start answer writing if i qualify for prelims?



Look, I won’t be able to tell the full strategy, because everyone has different starting points.

But here is one thing you need to know. Prelims paper is designed in a way that it is easy to score 30-40 marks without preparation and about 60-70 marks with some - incomplete - preparation.

The real challenge begins when we approach the cut off. It takes about good five months to do a Prelims well - on an average - and to be in the safer side. So give it that much time. You do the math.

Snd if someone suggests you / throws you a line that - what will you do by clearing prelims, because Mains preparation is incomplete - don’t listen to them / those voices in the head.

Follow the exam calendar. Also you may want to read this.

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