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SFG Entrance Test Result

Can anyone suggest where can the result declared for 10th Nov SFG Test? It was supposed to be declared today ( 19th Nov )
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They will mail it to every one at 10 pm
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@root It's 10. Where's the result? 

No mail yet, any info????

I am not the coordinator.... I conveyed the information which i have got from the forumias admin team and a msg which probably delivered to every one.

So Gaya Yeh Jaha So Gaya Aasama|
So Gayi Hai Saari Manzile|
O Saari Manzile So Gaya Hai Rasta.

I just got an SMS that selected for RLG provisionally.

Got the msg but not the mail

Important: You have been provisionally accepted for the Reserve List Group. Check your email for details, or visit the SFG Channel on



A friend of mine got that she hasnot been selected for either SfG or RLG.. what does this mean. Is there a limit on intake of students this time?

Are they Selecting Every One?

We are writing to inform you about your performance in the SFG 2020 entrance test.You have not been able to make it the Top 100 - Select Focus Group of Students currently.

Based on your performance, you have been admitted to the Reserve List Group ( RLG )  - a select group of students whom we see drastically improving their performance in the coming months.

If you work hard enough, you should be able to score 120+ in the Prelims. And that would be a much needed score, because unless you have that margin, you will not be able to prepare for Mains with peace.

The Reserve List Group will be allowed to write the same Tests on the M,W,F basis, and will have the option of moving to the Select Focus Group based on your weekly Average Score and performance. However, the discussion classes post test will not be available to RLG Group Students.

Punctualityconsistency, and competition instead of complacency is key to  success in this exam, as well as the success of this program.

We hope you maintain, this throughout the exam process.

Make sure you study hard and perform well. And beat the competition.

We recommend that you do past years all questions before the Tests begin on December 4rth.

You must complete the formalities as early as possible for this, since the RLG admissions will be on a first come first serve basis, and will commence from 3PM, November 20th and close on Saturday, November 23, by 5PM.

In case you do not join, the seat  will be provided to the next deserving candidate.

Please visit the Offline Center in this duration to complete the admission process. 

Please carry 2 passport sized photographs or your ForumIAS Academy ID Card in case you have it. 

You will be required to pay a fee of Rs. 118 for the ID Card in case you do not have the ID Card. ID Card is compulsory for writing the Tests.

We welcome you to ForumIAS Academy, and our classrooms that has produced Ranks 1,3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14 in CSE 2017 and 2018

how much do they charge?

@anjalishrotriya1025601 Have contacted the Academy team. They have said that about 20% of the people in the bottom performing ranks have not been selected. They will require a little more preparation or else they will be eliminated later even if the team admitted them.

@AzadHindFauz  Did you not get it yet?

Have not  yet got any message or mail

@root Yes, just now. RLG it is.

Could you please let me know the cut-off marks. My test went well. Was expecting upwards 65.

anyone in SFG. I got in SFG.

How many students are there in RLG batch?and how much we have to pay for it?

What message did SFG selected student get?
Will RLG students get a solution of test in pdf form or not? 

We haven't got any solution for the scholarship exam either :( 

For SFG fee will be 1100/- per month and for RLG it will be 1900/- per month.

How many have they selected for RLG?I asked admission ma'am about it and she replied that she doesn't have an idea as she came into the job since 2 days!!?

How many people have they selected in total?

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How much did you score?

Yar no idea. I did not match . 

Is the fee structure dynamic, I mean one who selected in SFG now has to pay 1100 INR every month or it depends on her rank after the month

jack_Sparrow, musa

Yes I think so.Perhaps they would charge 1100 rs for SFG and for RLG 1800 rs. ,Going through this I think that it is fixed, if you can infer something else out of this

People who are selected in RLG should write this exam only on 

Monday , Wednesday , Friday 

Or everyday ( except Sunday)..

Any one received M,W,F in their mails ???

Yes, M,W, F, I also got

Then what was that should we write tests 3 days in a week?...

I think even SFG group also writes only thrice a week.

Tests are 3 days /week..?

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Why are we not getting score/rank list/answer key lf the SFG test. 

How should we check how much marks I scored compared to my competitors?


They should publish the list. 

Same yaar. Atleast we should get a score so that we can compare our performance

I got sfg. How many in sfg,?

We have to prepare pyq before the test begins, right?

When we will get the schedule for RLG Test???


When we will get the schedule of RLG Test


RLG ppl also hav to prepare pyq. Tests r the same fot everyone.

Anyidea abt how many ppl gave the test?!

When asked about the RLG batch size, I was given two different answers on two different occasions -> 600-700 and 1000-1100. 
I believe it makes sense for them to accommodate as many as possible in the RLG. In effect, apart from the top where the competition for getting in the SFG exists, the rest is equivalent to joining their Test series at 1900/month.
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I am guessing you have just started with the preparation journey. I will have a small suggestion for you : do not attribute every action to a hidden motive. Do not attribute to mal-intention  which can be attributed to maybe a different thought process, ignorance etc. 

The SFG was started because I met two kids one day who were writing their Polity test two weeks before the actual exam. I asked them why they were writing their first test now. They said because it’s flexible! And they grinned. 

We knew that anyone doing his first Polity test paper two weeks before the exam is likely to not make it. But we can’t force them to do so on as test series these days is flexible.

Discipline is key to clearing the exam. And timely action. So SFG was the only thing that  could ensure some discipline in preparation.

Honestly, while your idea looks logical that ForumIAS academy would just take all the students thinking of them as test series students, that is far from the case.

As far as I know not more than 500 people would have been called for SFG / RLG and a few hundred people would have been denied a place because we think they need some more taiyari , may not be able to handle the pressure, and also because some people have a wrong notion that we are taking everyone.

We would still kill to attract the best minds.

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Does anyone knows if there will be a break in Feb in program.

Since no of tests per month are reduced, does syllabus per test is increased to achieve same schedule as earlier?

No result for me ?what to do 
No result for me ?what to do 

As in you were not in the SFG or RLG or Rejected List? Of your result is not known to you? Please clarify?

@logan is the timetable out? If yes,then where can I find it?


@ayushs38842  No timetable not available still, it should come on SFG channel on this beta platform.


When will they provide schedule of test for RLG?

@jack_Sparrow sir when will sfg batch results will be released.

@Patrick_jane  As per the communication by forumIAS team, result will be send to your email id with score card by 7 pm

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