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Should I quit my job again?

  • Age: 26 yrs; failed prelims twice (2021,2022)
  • I had earlier quit my job (1 yr) and gave two attempts from home, missed prelims by a narrow margin both times. CSP 2022 result had a very detrimental role on my mental health. I decided to take the first job that I could and took a break from prep(2023 attempt).
  • Now, fast forward to 6 months, the work load is so immense/ toxic, i am not getting enough time to prepare for cse.
    So, the thought of quiting my job again pops in my head. But, i am very hesitant this time.
    I don't know what to do. 
  • I have always considered MBA as my backup, and also planning on giving CAT this year.
    I know all this sounds messed up and pessimistic, but I would really like some advice from aspirants who were in the same boat.
  • Option 1: quit, prepare for (2024 CSE + CAT 2023) (maybe move to Delhi ?)
    Option 2: switch, hope to get a better work life balance and prepare for (2024 CSE)

  • Giving up on CSE after putting so much effort is so difficult. ( sunk cost fallacy ?)
    Asking strangers for advice is weird, but it is difficult to explain these stuff to family/ friends.
    Please share your thought, if possible.

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@Neyawn and all community members
Pls don't quit your job and get into the same mental spiral again... Try looking for a better work life balance job. Age is on your side, even if you give your next attempt 2-3 years later, life is not running away anywhere. 
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Thank you so much for replying...  'Life is not running away'. This is very difficult to internalise, will try. 
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@randomAspirant Decide for once what you want to do. I am meeting a disproportionate number of people these days in the mocks who are coming for Civils after an IIM degree.

If at all you cannot take it any more, and you decide to quit ( which should be your decision ), do not do lightweight preparation or waster away time. Try to see what course or modules you can take and make notes. The only preparation which beats classroom modules  - online or offline is radical newspaper note making instead of magazine reading ( which is a secondary source and useful if at all only for prelims ). You can take a cue from@AzadHindFauz who I think makes very good evernote / one note notes.

I am no knight. Do not call me Sir

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@Neyawn Thank you sir for replying, will check his notes.

@Neyawn Thank you sir for replying, will check his notes.

You can DM me for any help.

Pls don't quit your job and get into the same mental spiral again... Try looking for a better work life balance job. Age is on your side, even if you give your next attempt 2-3 years later, life is not running away anywhere. 

Even i was on the same boat in 2020. I had a decent paying job, in my case i had to quit because of some family problems. Fast forward 6 months i was in the midst of deciding what to do- i had few options GMAT/GRE, CAT or totally different from my background, UPSC. I was so naive in social sciences that when i started preparation it took me almost 40mins to understand what was "Charter" mentioned on the first page of laxmikant, and to add to this was my fear of constant failures in social sciences throughout my school life. (i used to score 2.5/50). Still i chose this path and am pursuing it with all passion.I failed 2022 prelims, but all it gave me was knowledge that there is something that i'm not doing correct. 2 years down in this preparation, right now at this stage i'm feeling more confident and better prepared than last year. 

But all this due to one single thing i.eclarity of thought. Somy humble suggestion would be first be cleareither you want to prepare for UPSC or its CAT or GMAT or whatever. Because unlike other exams UPSC CSE itself is a full time job. And if you really want to pursue this with all your heart then do remember there is no going back- becauseyou've lost when you leave this midway not when you fail prelims. And hence if its UPSC then you should definitely leave your job to prepare for 2024, however the decision should not be abrupt. First plan what is that you'll be doing after leaving the job- going to delhi, coaching, optional, test series etc etc. It should be planned but not delayed. We're already sitting in march, if you decide by june/july you'll eventually loose 3-4 months for nothing. Refined& fast decision is something you need to take. You might be thinking that i'm pushing you for UPSC. Yes i'm , a) because it is better b) you could anyday clear CAT, even if not in top B schools, You'd get in top 10, c) i'm just giving you clarity, i dont want to confuse you with "do what your heart says etc" because even your heart wont choose manager over collector if level of difficulty, time required and qualifying percentage(student qualifying/ appearing) were same for both exam (analogy is for CAT AND UPSC). 

Eventually you'll get better in upsc, eventually it'll either be 2024 or 2025 same time before prelims that you'll be feeling confident, you'll be scoring good in mocks, you'll be clearing prelims, writing mains etc but all this will come true once you start, and this start requires you to decide. Eventually it is your decision however just be proud of what you decide, never doubt it.Doubts after decision contributes nothing but dilemma. 
Cheers ! make a good decision, have a happy life! 
DM if you need any further help. 
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I will suggest you to give the CSE 23 Pre paper as a mock test at home, until then prepare for it,

if you are able to score 75+

                                                  quit as you have a good chance to crack


                                   make a 2 year plan to prepare for CSE(on weekends->10hr/day, weekdays->4hr)

Meanwhile CAT'23 cannot be done without having CSE'24 as opportunity cost,so won't suggest that

If you are in some IT position try getting a Production support project, they are easy peasy or switching to Salesforce Technology not much work required there.

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