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Sociological Analysis of Dating Apps in India

@BlueLotus & others Can you value add pls.

@Patrick_jane you have already mentioned good points. I will like to add few.



Dating as a social concept mainly belongs to western world in which two individual in search of partners meet each other for the purpose of starting a relationship which has prospect of converting into life long relationship or marriage.

In last decade the idea of dating and dating app (like Tinder, cupid) has become very much popular in India and specially among middle class.

Popularity of Dating app as bellwether

  1. Weakening of Caste System- Popularity of dating app in India shows that caste (its most strong feature endogamy) is weakening.
  2. Modernization of Indian Tradition - In traditional India match making was done in extended kinship network but now application of marriage like Jeevan sathi is providing opportunity to parents to arrange marriage. While dating app provides opportunity to individuals to find prospective match.
  3. Elite match making - While many match making sites are promoting elite marriage dating apps are providing opportunity of free mingling among people from different caste, class, region and religion.
  4. Women Empowerment - Earlier women didn't have any say in their marriage but now they can spend time with a person and could decide if she want to marry him or not. Dating apps are helping in this by providing verified persons to date.
  5. End of Conservative mindset - Earlier Virginity of women was considered a important factor in marriage. Popularity of Dating apps shows that youths of modern India don't appreciate this conservative tradition and are more liberal in outlook.
  6. LGBTQ - Dating apps provide opportunity to people of LGBTQ community to find partner for themselves.
  7. Dowry System -  As individual marry the person of their choice and use to know them personally the institution of Dowry is weakening.

Even though popularity of Dating app shows Modernization of Indian society it has presented it self with some issues also.

  1. Exploitation of Women  - Dating apps are many time used for trafficking and Prostitution
  2. Violence against women - Many time women find themselves sexually exploited in relationship and cant complain as they are judged as person of low character in society
  3. Disintegration of Family - Many time family of couple doesn't approve marriage (because of caste, dowry, religion) leading to boycott of family by couple and vice versa
  4. More points from above post


As Ambedkar argued in "Annihilation of caste" that endogamy is practiced by upper caste to save the caste structure it appears that the popularity of Dating app which encourages inter caste marriage, is showing a promising future for India.

Others also add other points.

@Patrick_jane is there any group for sociology answer writing as it appears you posted a screenshot of Tg.

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Topic:Work and economic life/Gender dimensions of Law.

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Topic : Karl marx Class & Middle class 

sourabhsingh7892494, BlueLotus

Topic: Latent Function (R K merton)|Violence against women.

MahaRana, BlueLotus

Negative Impact of Lockdown

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Mental Health Issue
  3. Economic Impact - Informal sector are in distress; Job Loss
  4. Displacement of Migrant Labour
  5. Vulnerable Section - Issue of Exclusion, Entitlement, left on whims and donation of Upper class
  6. Impact on education
  7. De globalisation
  8. Impact on Global Supply chain

I think these are few negative impact of Lockdown more can be added.

Patrick_jane, sourabhsingh7892494

Topic: Religion and science |Sacred profane notions across religion.

GravityShades, UK01

Sociological Analysis of Dating Apps in India

@BlueLotus & others Can you value add pls.

Momo Waala, BlueLotus

These two articles basically provides international as well as Indian example of increase in Domestic abuse during COVID-19 (Don't have image like above so here is the link:blush:)

Topic: Violence against Women, Patriarchy

Indian Example

Global Example -


Yeah that's why I posted it just after that so that we get both view :+1:.


The Hindu: India’s disease surveillance needs a reboot by Maya John

“According to public health experts, one person in every 10 seconds contracts TB, and up to 1,400 people in India die every day of the disease. This indicates that TB has a R0 value (basic reproduction number) and fatality rate that is way higher than those attributed to COVID-19 so far. However, it is important to note that TB and many other contagious diseases are ignored as “ordinary”, and elicit very low attention. In contrast, some diseases are quickly identified as epidemics of greater public concern.

Diseases are being selectively discovered and have the propensity to be identified as an epidemic when they have a signalling effect for the scientific community. In a majority of instances, it is only when there is a threat of transmission to the well-to-do sections of society or wealthier regions that the disease actually has such a signalling effect. It is not a coincidence that a relatively downplayed disease such as TB is largely a poor man’s disease.”

Ok, lets keep posting here then whenever possible
Ok, lets keep posting here then whenever possible

Sure will post regularly from onwards


I am posting an article from today's Indian Express.

Topic - Informal sector

Link -
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