[Official Bakar Thread] : Some bakar gyan for mains 2020 - ForumIAS

[Official Bakar Thread] : Some bakar gyan for mains 2020

I am indulge in preparation since january 2016,but still to take my first prelims :D(so take any gyan with a pinch of salt) 

Every year after mains result an environment of confusion starts floating in market. Most blame their optional, few blame upsc, few luck. 

I am not denying the element of luck, but we shall find our loopholes. 

In my opinion you will not fail mains if you satisfy following conditions. 

1- completed optional decently. 

2- have the ability to understand the essence of the question

3- have the ability to instantly mould the content as per the essence of the question 

4- good writing speed



Who else is yet to start preparing for Prelims cuz they knew it very early on (after reading the early developments) that exams were gonna be postponed?!! 😅
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