Thankyou ForumIAS - ForumIAS

Thankyou ForumIAS

Good evening  
This is my thankyou post to ForumIAS (Karol Bagh center) for showing such thoughtful inclusivity for left -handed people. 
On thursday's morning I sat on a chair which has left sided table. I was thinking whether it's a conscious initiative by center ya iska takhta tut gya hoga toh phir idhar lagwa diya. But no, I've found that there are actually some chair with left sided table and they are color coded also. 
From school to college to intership never have I ever found a single chair designed for left handed people. 
I am extremely happy and thankful for this thoughtful action by ForumIAS.
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Hey hey,

Thank you so so much. 

Yes it was planned. And it looked different from others. We had no idea it would benefit someone though we badly hoped one day we will know. We also thought of putting them along the walls and put a left handed sticker on the wall to increase visibility from far.

You made my day. Thank you 😊 💓 

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P.S. I am not left handed myself.
I have heard that left handed people are blessed with better IQ..there is something scientific here or its a myth?
Mirchaibari Union,
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