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[Community Initiative] Thread for Posting Performance Sheet.

SFG Polity 15 July

Attempted 47/50

Correct 36

wrong 11

Total: 64.67

@Patrick_jane will try posting next time. - Agent Cho


SFG Test 2 Polity

Score: 80

Correct: 42

Wrong: 6


accelerate vigyan

Right to property as human right

BS - popular sovereignty

BS - equality of status

Hc, SC art 32 vs 226 (q2)

Preventive detention


Total: 68

37c 9w 4u










Good work @Patrick_jane 



38C, 8W, 4U

1. Vice president

2. Lokpal -> Is that true? Does lokpal require CVC consultation to even start a preliminary inquiry against central gov employees as given in the answer explanation?

3. Energy modelling forums

4. Tiger reserves

5. Autonomous district councils. 

6. Allowances of president can "change'  - they can't be reduced but can be increased.

7. ADB

8. 42nd CAA - can promulgate NE for a part of the country


Test #5 Polity

35c 8w 7u


1. metropolitan/district planning committees

2. Oaths of cji/prez

3. panchayats & municipalities acts' applicability to 5th

4. notified area committee

5. Goldshmidtite

6. Kyaukphyu port of Mayanmar

7. Panama disease

8. Fast track courts vs Special Courts

9. National Biopharma Mission

10. Gram Nyayalas - criminal & civil appeals to sessions/district courts

11. Art 323B empowers central/state legislatures not govts.

12. Asteroids and comets



SFG Test #6 - Polity 

73.3M - 39C, 7W, 4U 

1. district and regional council courts

2. J&K reorg acts

3. NPR

5. pNEUMONIA - saans initiative

6. art 2 vs art 3

7. Globba Andersonii


Test #7 - Polity

84M - 44C 6W 0U

1. NITI functions - (formulate mechanism to formulate credible village level plans - option given is different)

2. vertically tranmitted

3. DoPT has superintendence over CBI in residual matters

4. Delimitation COmmission Members

5. Whistle Blowers Protection against any public servant

6. Additional functions allocated to NCST 


@Impavid_Girl Keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing job


People who scored high scores in the current affairs test - What sourced did you use? Any other pointers?

Test #8 - April 2020 current affairs

54.67M - 31C, 11W, 8U

1. Basavanna

2. IEA - reports

3. International Comparison Program

4. Domestic Violence Act

5. Uranium

6. Strategic Petroleum REserves

7. Solar flares - magnetic energy

8. District Mineral Foundation

9. RIMES & RSMC are not related

10. NFSA - grievance reddressal setup by state govs

11. ICCR - MEA, Maulana Azad

12. Animal Welfare Board. => Great person: Rukmini Devi Arundale.

13. Ozone -> reduces plant growth. I though otherwise :P

14. PMNRF VS PMCARES (I don't read newspapers)

15. SDR (thought more. should have gone with what I read)

16. Devi river is in odisha. I didn't know about it.

17. Power sector more than Roads & Bridges. Should've guessed because of all the investment we are making especially into SOLAR plants & liberalization with coal mining.

18. Helicopter Money. Should have gone with what I read. Idiot.

19. Consumer Protection Act, 2019. Never read about it. Guessed and got it right. Wait, so why am I writing this.


sfg test - #9 May CA 2020

62.67M - 35C 11W 4U

1. Gopala Krishna Gokhale

2. Non Aligned MOvement membership

3. CBD - I knew it was just opened for signature in earth summit 1992 but thought it was adopted later. Over imposition of logic :P

4. POSHAN Abhiyan - MoWCD. Read a hundred times and forget a hundred times

5. SARFAESI - god knows about that SC judgement

6. National INfrastructure Pipeline - Never heard before. Thought it was some gas pipeline in exam. Turns out totally different

7. Mental Healthcare Act - Very important now especially after what happened to SSR. RIP SSR:heart:

8. Thought Botanical Survey of India was autonomous but it isn't.

9. MGNREGA - first of all I missed the rural household itself. So I am out. But I guess some good people might have passed this test and could have thought it wasn't the aim of MGNREGA to strengthen PRI. Anyway nothing to say from my side. Totally fallen flat.

10. Wildlife Protection Act - got correct for totally wrong reasons. Thought state couldn't declare for 'any area'. Turns out state can't declare at all and only centre can. Also remember that even centre can't declare an animal as vermin if it is listen in Schedule 1 or part 2 of second schedule

11. Competition Commission of India. - Totally forgot there was Mo Corporate Affairs. They put the same minister for both finance  & CA :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:and I totally forgot there existed two separate ministries after just seeing Nirmala Ji everytime.

12. SAGAR doctrine only for Indian Ocean Region. Now-a-days even though there is a lot of talk about greater indo-pacific at least on paper, we just add pacific everywhere. Seems like this is only IOR. Also this concept is to be read with IOC which also deals with only IOR. India is not a member of IOC though, not even maldives :P

13. One nation one card. Knew about NCBC. But thought that was not indigenous

14. Forgot the concepts of tropical cyclones. BTW what is happening to my memory :fearful:

15.  Energy Transition Index - WEF. Read a lot about this before exam. How india is improving and all. But in exam forgot and put something else.

Okay peeps enjoy your weekend. I think I am going to go with Dil Bechara movie or a rewatch of masaan or may be something else.


44.67M - 26C 11W 13U

Screwed up big time in this exam. I didn't study what's required for the test. So I believe no point in taking errors now. Will come back to this test later  when I can understand my mistakes better.


69.33M - 37C 6W 7U

After yesterdays debacle of 44M today's test went a bit better. Seems like I am doing poor compared to others in Modern Indian History.

1. Partition of Bengal

2. self respect marriages vs satyashodhak marriages

3. Global INvestment Trend Monitor Report. 

4. Delhi Durbars.

5. Indian Bullfrog

6. RC Dutta wrote economic history of India and also a proponent of Drain theory

7. Neel darpan - nil vidroha/bengal indigo revolt of 1859. Anandmath - Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

8. All chronological orders: Muslim reform/revival movements.

9. Indian Social conference

10. Tabernacle of New Dispensation, Indian Reform Association - Keshub Chandra Sen

11. Calcutta Unitarian Committee - Raja Rammohan Roy

12. Deccan Education Society - Tilak, gopal ganesh agarkar, chiplunkar

13. Kakori Train Robbery

BTW why are they asking kakori, anti partition now itself. They are under syllabus for coming weeks.


SFG Test #13 - MIH

68.67M - 37C 8W 5U

I screwed up most of my Modern Indian History tests. Yesterday couldn't post the performance(56M).

Today's test was better than earlier tests.

1. Ring system

2. Apparently RIN revolt also happens in Karachi. Spectrum they talked only about Mumbai. What should I do?:crying_cat_face:

3. Currency Swap agreement => No clarity in concept before. 

4. RAISE initiative -> read somewhere before but couldn't recognize the option

5. Madhubani painting -> Threw a fluke which missed :sweat_smile:

6. BOmbay Plan, Gandhian Plan, Sarvodaya Plan, People's Plan => Imp

7. Rajagopalachari first indian gov general of Independent India. He formed Swatantrata Party - free enterprise

8. African Swine Fever.

9. Thought mukti sena was a precursor to INA. Idk but it depends on how you interpret the term precursor. :fearful:


SFG #14 - MIH

58.67M - 37C 8W 5U

End to sfg MIH tests. My performance throughout the MIH week was poor.

1. Istanbul Convention

2. Blue Poppy


4. Whitley Commission

5. Ryotwari System.

6. World Wildlife Crime Report - I still can't believe that UNODC released this report :sweat_smile:

7. Bombay Manifesto different from Bomnay Plan. In the former the were against state interventions in the latter they supported or agreed with some role for the state.

8. FActories amendment act

9. Treaty of Yandabo

10. Moturphas - tax on looms. => They way britishers destroyed India. I think in future if human race gets greedy and wanted to enslave a species on a new planet may be they should ask Britain for suggestions. (Although I hope that doesn't happen).:smirk_cat:

11. Tribal uprisings -> Even if I remember today tomorrow I will forget within a week. Better read just before exam. :flushed:

Tomorrow's exam have a lot of syllabus. They should really stop putting two months of current affairs on one day. It's tough. 


Test #16 - Geography

64M - 35C 9W 6U

1. Hardpans. Didn't read this chapter. Lot of important stuff in there. Especially scope for asking conceptual questions - Geomorphic Processes chapter

2. Narora, Kakrapur APS

3. Granite is intrusive & basalt is extrusive.

4. White nile longer but less water than Blue Nile

5. Podzolization (Idk from where they asked this question)

6. MTCR started by G7

7. Sedimentary cover most area. But volume wise igenous more in earth crust

8. LIthification term is used only for sedimentary rocks

9. Continental drift theory(Wegner) vs sea floor spreading theory(Hess)

10. Orogenic vs epeirogenic

11. quartzite is metamorphized from sedimentary rock sandstone

12. pre-pack IBC

13. gravitational forces is not  behind endogenic geomorphic process.

14. foci of eq in mid oceanic ridges are shallow -> i ate some time meant for writing exam into preparation - I know most stupid thing to do. So I had to write this test in ~41min. so didn't read this question properly.

See you tomorrow!


Test #17 - Geography

70M - 38C 9W 3U

1. Albania opens into mediterranean sea

2. bosporous strait. Didn't see all options. Just put dardanelles. I should really stop using exam time for my preparation

3. Local Winds.

4. Whips - prez, vice-prez elections -> Since secret ballot so no whip can be issued. I guess for R.S elections it can be issued

5. mesosphere -> meteors burn off here.

6. samarth -> there is samarth in textile ministry also. I read about walmart samarth in twitter :P. anyway forgot about both

7. Forgot what pressure belts are.

8. Toxic Truth: Got correct by fluke

9. Thought more and neglected wavelength as an important factor for ghg. Okay here was my though process: GHG by definition itself absorb long wave radiation and transparent to short wave radiation. Thus I thought there is no need for wavelength conditions again on top of GHGs for warming.:flushed:

10. Yellow Fever - 17D

11. Central Asian Steppe - should have guessed from nomadic herders. 

12. Pratihara style - rajasthan => guessed.

See you tomorrow!


70.67M - 38C 8W 4U

1. National Transit Pass System

2. Barakah nuclear plant

3. Caspian sea - got confused about uzbekistan totally covered by Turkmenistan

4. Photochemical Smog/summer smog.

5. semi-diurnal has 2 hides & two low tides. diurnal tide has only one high tide and one low tide => don't be fooled by the word semi to have less number. Infact semi here signifies less duration between these tides. :grin:

6. Dhole not in schedule I. Need to figure this difference between schedule I and II. Not sure if I can.

7. Absolute humidity is per unit volume of air. not mass. gm/cc^3

8. Nehrungs, Tombolo

9. Jammu PSA. Maaaan! Changed the option and got it wrong.:triumph:

10. Drumlins -> fluke. I guess it kind of evens out the some silly mistakes I committed. I think this kind of same for everyone most of the time. The silly mistakes they committed usually get compensated with some lucky guesses. 

11. Balgangadhar Tilak. 

12. Radiation fog.

13. Mediterranean -> mild, wet winters. Taiga/siberian climate -> little rainfall most of which in summers.

14. ventifacts and dreikanters

15. rouche,crag and tail, perched block


SFG Test #19 - Geography

59.33M - 33C 10W 7U

Didn't complete syllabus. Need to move on with other work. Can't post errors here today.

The results do give some pressure. Gone are the times when results were the times of excitement which now became kind of depressing. 


Falcon said

SFG Test #19 - Geography

59.33M - 33C 10W 7U

Didn't complete syllabus. Need to move on with other work. Can't post errors here today.

The results do give some pressure. Gone are the times when results were the times of excitement which now became kind of depressing. 


I felt the same initially. Getting low scores consistently demoralised me and I almost felt like giving up. About a week ago I started reading the comments on this thread and it gave me a little hope. I am still too hesitant to post my score but reading your error assessments has given me a new perspective to approach this exam.

Most of the times when I look at your corrections, I go like, "man I knew this was confusing. I am not alone!!" You have inspired me to work on my mistakes and today when I read this post I felt obliged to thank you for your efforts. Keep working hard and keep inspiring!!

Thank you :) All the best


Test #20 - Geography

73.33M - 39C 7W 4U

1. Pokkali paddy

2. Social forestry - afforestation on barren lands. Actually it do include Agro-forestry where trees are grown on cultivable fields along with crops.

3. Bru/Reang Tribes - Now that I see answer seems like I've read all this before but forgot now.

4. NGT Act - got this correct but NGT appeal lies directly with Supreme Court.

5. Over-irrigation salinity increase. Chemical fertilization without organic manures/sufficient humus - hardens soils

6. Retreating monsoon - low pressure in andaman sea -> cyclones. I don't know what I was thinking putting frontal rainfall option as correct. :grin:. But I still am not clear how low preassure is created in andaman sea when ITCZ has already gone well below equator.

7. BIS - earthquakes. Didn't have time to read the question. Seems like this classification is different from the one I read in NCERT. Also Love & Rayleigh waves imp. Also with increasing earthquakes in delhi - see that it is in Zone IV as per BIS classification & high damage risk zone as per GSI classification.

Funny story Didn't wake up to 3 of my alarms at 6:45, 7, 7:15am. Woke up to my brother's at 8:30. Jumped out of bed and somehow finished this test.

Moral of the story - don't study late for the test and end up not waking up for the test at all -> back in college days this is the story of a lot of people :sweat_smile:


Test #22 - Geo

66.67M - 37C 11W 2U

Test #21 was a disaster. Not able to complete two months current affairs in one day because I haven't read monthly current affairs magazine before, also skipped newspapers for several months. I'm so screwed, have a lot of work to do:grin:

1. Hamleted settlements - fragmented. Skimmed NCERT textbook for this exam and didn't emphasize on this part. Btw whenever I don't read physical geography part (north america in previous tests) they give a lot of questions. So today I read south america they totally forgot about it.:flushed:

2. Mumbai textiles -> cotton growth near. I knew that MH, Guj are cotton growing areas. But thought a little too much in analyzing the question.

3. Innovation Hub - RBI

4. Highway lengths - didn't know where Hajira was. Rememeber this is port city for surat on the banks of river tapti. It is not related to diamond harbour which is a district in WB. 

5. NHAI is statutory. I think I read this before. But in exam it was very hazy.

6. Nagaland - pop decrease. I guess they knew that I would commit this mistake. I put kerala

7. Milne Ice shelf - canada - last ice shelf broke off

8. Thermal power plants consume a large portion of water in industrial sector. Overall usage maximum consumption is by agriculture

.9. Sugarcane - UP highest in india. India largest producer - toppled brazil. But brazil still is the top exporter.

10. Drought prone area programme. Didn't have much idea. I thought in exam that one would be wrong and one would be right but seems like both are right from the explanation

11. 2011 census - UP has largest outflow of migrants not Bihar.

12. Indian leopard -everwhere except mangroves, deserts. VU. seems like its condition is better than bengal tiger which is endangered, never expected that.

Okay see you tomorrow!


Test #24 - Environment

68.67M - 38C 11W 1U

1. Biomedical waste management rules - 4 categories not 6. I observed a trend in forum papers where they just modify data values for framing wrong statement. Another example is National Hybrid solar-wind policy - here 25% not 40%. I just want to know if this the case with actual UPSC papers as well. Did someone find this pattern in upsc prelims paper as well?

2. UN Kyoto protocol agreed to plant GE trees under CDM

3. Pangolins Indian are EN. I thought their situation is worse in India compared to China. Seems like that's not the case :sweat_smile:

4. CRZ III A - densly populated rural areas NDL Zone upto 50mts. 

5. EP Act debars civil courts not WPA

6. Sand mining guidelines -> Though minor mineral centre gave out rules -> This is valid under const as states are given powers for reg & dev of minerals in state list but the entry mentions it is subjected to union list provisions 

7. If only my vocabulary was good. I didn't know that moored to ocean floor means tied with a cable -> can harvest wave energy :triumph:

8. CPCB is a stutory body constituted under Water Act, 1974 (first of the pollution acts) It is followed by Air act, ep act.

9. rotterdam convention, basel convention - read long back - not revised yet.

10. Bioremediation cannot happen quickly and it also possible only for bio-degradable materials.


62.67M - 35C 11W 4U

1. NTCA - WPA. => Was attempting when last 15sec was remaining. Didn't read properly. Again made the same mistake of starting exam late and had only 41min for the test.

2. CITES MIKE monitoring sites.

3. Pygmy Hog - didn't know about its backstory

4. Saltwater - LC, LARGE. Mugger is VU, Gharial is CR

5. Fish are cold blooded :P

6. BIOFIN -> UNDP + EC => under CBD -> COP


8. IPBES - >INter govt but not UN BODY.

9. Project Elephant - a central sponsored scheme

10. seaweed are macroalgae -> always read this micro from the textbook :P

11. NITI + Dell. Guessed it would be MSFT.

12. One species of Pitcher plants is in Schedule VI. Remaining the 6 plants, their distribution & uses in this schedule. I haven't done yet. But I guess its important

13. TRAFFIC - known as global wildlife trade specialist - WWF + IUCN.

14. IUCN - composed of both govt & civil society orgs.

15. Toddy Palm is an invasive alien species all over INdia which was native to Tropical AFrica.

16. Ecosystem services. Provisioning -> all resources that it gives. Supporting -> help plants i.e soil form, nutrient cycl, prim prod.. REgul - water, disease, climate regul & water regulation, pollination

17. According to IUCN amphibians in animal kingdoms face the highest threat to extinction.

18. IFC mains helps increase private investments and support private sector dev.

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