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It took me five minutes just to find your profile , as I was searching for rishav and it wasnt showing any results. At first I thought you blocked me or something!


Anduin said

@goldberry Why did you switch to Evernote? I started using onenote few days back. Cons of using onenote?

I adopted one note very early , but didnt use it for very long time. Then one day I read Abhishek Surana Sir's blog. he has shared all his notes in evernote, so i went for it and got comfortable.

I am trying to share my notes arrangement but cant share the screenshot, the image is simply not uploading.


AJ_ said

I use OneNote. I have tried both Evernote and OneNote and found the latter to be way better. That might be because, I focus a little too much on formatting.

Some Pointers
  • The app version of the software (available on windows store) is far better than the classic versions like One Note 2016 and all.
  • Use screen capture softwares like Lightshot for quickly taking screenshots.
  • Some websites do not allow copy option. Even disabling JS doesn't work. Use addon on Chrome - "Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy".

Can you share screenshot of your notebooks? 


The two apps mentioned ANKI and SM 18, are based on this research paper

Holy crap, went through the apps you mentioned! I was thinking this will turn into one note vs evernote debate but you have taken this to a whole new level.


I didn’t find Evernote very convenient to use on iOS.

since then I have been using Quip.

But evernote is damn good in iOS. Especially the way notebooks can be searched, it is not so useful on Windows!


rashiv said

1. OneNote- when I began looking out for an app I found EverNote to be complex and didn’t have much time for learning its working. Found OneNote to be simple and easy to use. Since then been using it.

2. LiquidText- It’s good for PDF’s, highlight and make comments over it. I prefer it for any NCERT pdf, Economic Survey etc

3. Books (default app for IOS)- for newspaper pdf, books I read, 2nd ARC etc. I find the interface simple and convenient for Apple Pencil for making notes on the sides. 

Regarding your last point, can we make notes over the books in iBooks? I dont think so!


Use  Pocket app to save articles that you read online.

And if you're saying Evernote on ipad or PC then use it's extension to clip articles.

I tried pocket, but could not sustain it. 

Pocket along with feedly works best. You subscribe to feeds by feedly and save the good articles in Pockets. Wasted a year doing this. But again, coud not continue with it. But its good, especially for highlighting and saving.


rashiv said

Tagging @rashiv 

It took me five minutes just to find your profile , as I was searching for rishav and it wasnt showing any results. At first I thought you blocked me or something!

Haha, I’ll consider it as a win now that you know the exact name 

Just curious, what does the name mean?


Congratulations for the ipad

I am only using Evernote,while ago when i was doing secure

I create new notebook according to syllabus keyword and copy paste the important stuff from secure

Thank you. If there is one advice I will give you, don't do secure! You will burn lot of energy and not end up with anything substantial. I have done it for 2 years! I am not against Insights. I have a few topics from there and they are brilliant. They used to be brilliant in 2016-17 time. Every topper used them. Now its legacy. You will realise only after 1 year of doing secure!