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UPSC and Mental Health – An Initiative for Aspirants

Hello everyone,

We hope all of you are doing great. The past few months have been very eventful with last minute revision, the prelims, results etc. We’ve all found ourselves feeling low and high, lost and hopeful. In these tough times, if there’s one consolation for us, it’s the idea that we are not alone in this. 

To provide all the aspirants with much needed mental health support and help them access resources, @MaeveWileyand I have come up with  UPSC Fundamentally. It is an initiative aimed at creating a safe space for aspirants to discuss and address their mental health issues. 

In this regard, we are organising our first introductory session in collaboration with MINDS Foundation. ( The session intends to initiate an interactive dialogue with the community on the mental health aspect of the exam. It will be held in the  eveningof the 17thof this month that is Wednesday. We will inform you about the exact time soon. We strongly urge you to attend, whether to discuss a specific issue or simply to listen.

Kindly fill out the attached Google Form and do let us know if there’s a specific issue that you’d like the session to address.

Do reach out to us if there’s anything that you need help with. You can email us at We hope to see you all there, and hope it helps!

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