[OFFICIAL] Upcoming Programs for CSE 2021 & 2022 | Updated 14th June - ForumIAS

[OFFICIAL] Upcoming Programs for CSE 2021 & 2022 | Updated 14th June

ForumIAS - Upcoming Programs for 2021 & 2022
Prepare for UPSC Civil Servies Examination with our robust, time tested and proven programs that are optimized for success:

Upcoming Programs for CSE 2021:

  1. All India Simulator Test Series for Prelims 2021 - Batch 2:Starts 8th August 2021Click Here
  2. Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2021 - Cohort 9: Starts 8th July 2021 - Click Here
  3. Prelims Test Series 2021 -Batch 4: Starts 13th June 2021 -Click Here
  4. Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2021 - Cohort 7:Starts 30th May 2021 -Click Here 
  5. Current Affairs for Mains 2021:Starts 8th June 2021 -Click Here
  6. Essay Guidance Program 2021: Starts 4th June 2021 -Click Here 
  7. Ethics+ Classes 2021:Starts 20th September 2021 -Click Here
Upcoming Programs for CSE 2022:

  1. Sociology Optional Foundation 2022: Starts 12th August - Click Here
  2. Prelims Test Series:Starts 14th August -Click Here
  3. Mains Guidance Program - Cohort 4: Starts 12th September -Click Here
  4. Prelims-cum-Mains Foundation Course for 2022- 9th September -Click Here
  5. Current Affairs Program - Starts 17th September - Click Here
  6. Ethics+ For Mains 2022- Starts 20th September -Click Here
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@Neyawn Will ForumIas start SFG 3.0 since prelims is postponed?

P.S SFG is immensely helpful in maintaining discipline. So, if possible please do start it.

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2nd@slightedge109 . Came here to request for the same specifically. Please consider the request of starting an SFG early at least mid July for people who are not confident of prelims, which can accommodate 3 revisions before prelims. The discipline the program brings, sustainability, improvement and consistency is unparalleled.  It is needed all the more because of disruption in preparation after postponement and cluelessness.

Have already put this request to@farejul .

please consider the same@forumiasacademy @Neyawn 

looking forward to it 

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Are there any plans forAnthropology ATSfor next 2 months?

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I meant the MGP program one joins in June is thought to be a 5 month thing. And then you are either supposed to cover all the tests that you missed or you are supposed do your prelims prep in that time. I just think for someone like me, 5 months is too short a time to do the entire GS. There are a lot of tests where time isn’t proportionate to the syllabus you ask us to complete. In defence, the forum can say that you can always cover these tests after the 5 month thing. But it would be great if the test schedule itself takes this into consideration. Because studying for the topic on the set date is so much more motivational that trying to cover your backlog. The push just isn’t that great. 

A Mains Test Series that begins in June & ends somewhere in March and that gives me amble time to create short notes for final examination. For me, the utility of a test series is that it creates artificial deadlines to finish off topics but the deadlines shouldn't be unrealistic. I am not saying that they are unrealistic, its just that I am slow guy. IMO, MGP feels great for someone who is doing the syllabus for the second time & is ready to make those exam-ready short notes. 

Also if you are giving us 7 months for prelims, there is something else you can do. Say there are topics that are common to pre & mains. Modern India, geography, economy, etc. Maybe keep a 10-11 month long test series which has prelims tests for these topics as well. That way these subjects aren’t given a short shrift either. That is just how I approach the exam. 

I joined MGP in June & I did not write a lot of tests (due to various personal reasons that kept me in a sub-optimal productivity phase till Feb.). You must be getting a lot of people like me. Maybe the fault lies in my laziness or my fear of tests, but I would appreciate something more laid-back, something that takes into consideration that there is an optional to take care of (my optional classes would take like 4 hours of my day till Feb) & there are just shitty days. MGP feels like bootcamp where there is no place for anything else. Maybe its just me who needs to get adjusted to the pace required by the exam, but if you see any merits in my argument, give it a thought.

Don't get me wrong. I feel it's the best in the market. The keyword pdf of forum has itself helped me so much in reorienting myself. But give something else to slow guys like me. 

"Don't get me wrong."

Absolutely not.  I should be able to have a detailed reading of your email later at night, as I have a couple of calls to make/take. Some of the things that come to my mind are

#1 GS 1 has the same marks as GS Paper 2, 3 or 4. But if you see, you could actually take at least 10 days to 2 weeks to just do World History, but it does not have that much importance in the actual exam. If one were to give GS Paper 1 adequate time, it may spread to 45 days just for Paper 1 - and even upto 2 months for some people- given the amount of known syllabus one has to cover in GS Paper 1 - that is World History, Post Independence, Art & Culture, Modern History, Society, Geography etc.

But go to GS Paper 4, we can do it in 2 weeks or even 10 days , given the less "known" and "identified" syllabus we have for the subject.

But MGP Tests planned as per the time taken to cover the tests syllabus and NOT the weightage or significance of the paper, may screw with the mind of a lot of people , especially given that many people  ( who have not studied the syllabus ) may not see the point you are making. 

And Forum anyway has a poor reputation of not able to attract freshers, who have more energy towards the accomplishments of goals.

 I see the point you are making. You would like me to code a customized plan? You could choose your test papers and write them at convenience at a given time.

Like, I want to write my Test 1. Then I choose 20 questions from different parts of the syllabus? And make my own question paper? And get the solutions and question paper and maybe generate a QCA as well?

Then when I want to write my Test 2, I can choose from the pool ( I can only choose the topic and wont be able to see the questions or else, I am likley to choose all easy questions ) , which allows me to choose questions from  the pool that have not been selected yet by me?

If I were to code something so personalized, would you like to export your paper at anytime or would you like to set a date in future when you would like to attempt the test?

Write your comment…