What are India's concerns with US Afghan Policy?

Emirate of Afghanistan that is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban.

Cheerleaders for it in the neighborhood's army and intelligence setup. Ghani's government may not last long, along with democracy in the country. 


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This is not the first time this is happening to India. In 1980s when Moscow withdrew from Afghanistan, Pak backed Mujahideen took control.

India wants that the peace process be Afghan led, Afghan controlled, and Afghan owned. USA however accedes to the Taliban demand overlooking the elected Afghan government. USA has also committed to release Taliban PoW as a part of peace deal. Afghan govt however says that US has no right to make commitments on behalf of the Afghan government.

India fears that with withdrawal of American troops the current government, is likely to replaced by the Taliban eventually. Elements of Pakistan will have more influence over Afghanistan - and India has over 3 billion in Investments there, it is key to access to Central Asia, and to overall peace and security in South Asia.

Also, India opposed USA's categorisation of "good taliban" and "bad taliban".

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From the perspective of the government of India, the ‘American retrenchment’ brings with it some key geo-strategic considerations  that New Delhi needs to find answers to

 The hard stance of President Trump on ending US presence in endless wars before the jibe at NATO partners asking them to do more for security signifies that Washington is expecting more from its ally's in terms of regional security. Pakistan is already becoming indispensable for Americas Afghan exit.

The Indo-Sino regional power play is an important factor to consider. Although China has never put boots on the ground, it is not afraid to flex its muscles in the IOR.  With its rising stakes in the Hormuz strait and new ports like Gwadar on the anvil, Securing the Sea lanes of communication in the face of the Chinese ‘String of Pearls’ becomes difficult 

Indias diplomatic manoeuvre of isolating pakistan would lose some steam as pakistan gains strategic space in Afghanistan.

To put it in simple terms, whether India should enter Afghanistan security architecture (and in what capacity) or stay on the outskirts and rather focus on biding its time and build its economic strength is the conundrum. 

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