What are the few principles / rules Shreyansh Tiwari followed that helped him get Rank 1 in BPSC?

The CSE ends up being a longer journey than intended for some of us. What according to you has helped you sustain and survive so long and make it to SDM?

A2A Shreyansh T

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IAS/BAS(SDM) in itself are the strongest motivating forces. Thus they were self motivating.

Secondly, I had clearity regarding career goals. I wanted to become a top bureaucrat( work in the PMO, To be precise) and I never lost the sight of that end goal.

Thirdly, Family Obligations.

My grandfather was a school teacher with 6 kids, most in group 3 or group 2 services after promotion.

It was my job to do the structural transformation by getting into IAS/State Administrative Services ie taking the legacy forward. This constantly played in my mind.

Fourthly, impact of popular culture. 

Movies like Sarfarosh and Rang De Basanti made a huge impact on a 15 year old kid in an impressionable age. To bring positive change, as naive as it may sound, was the original motivation to get into these elite services.

Attitude of No Retreat, No Surrender. When IRA was trying to assassinate Margaret Thatcher, the British PM, they knew that they have to be lucky only once and PM Thatcher had to be lucky all the time. Similarly, I also knew that my luck needs to work only once as hard work and dedication was there from the beginning. I know it's a crude analogy but it's late and I am being brutally honest.

Finally, support of parents till my father was alive and after his departure of my mother who never pushed me to take any petty jobs. My brother in law who was like CAG to my PAC ie friend, philosopher and guide and my immediate family and friends.

Last but not the least, my Mentors and teachers right from Baliyan and Pawan sir to Ayush and Asif sir. A tree has water of many rains behind it's growth. So it was a collective effort.

This is just half the story. Can you shed some light on your struggles with poor health, then illness in the family . How did you deal with these things.

Man, when I met you after your MP hiatus , with all exams gone wrong , and asked you to come to Delhi - you were not a defeated man. You were all full of energy. You had lost weight and were much saner than you were when every time you reached out to me you had something going wrong.

My question is how were you able to sustain for so long. Any daily habits, rituals, productivity hacks?

I mean, most people will flunk prelims once, and lose appetite for studying, sitting in a class, making notes- all these things. 

I was amazed by your commitment as to how you were so full of Energy to start from scratch when first and second timers are drained of energy , don’t listen at all, and just keep writing the exam without any improvement each year. How did you do this?

@Neyawn  i wonder how all the toppers has some connection to you? How Come?

@iskool neyawn is lucky for us and his connection to toppers is topper's secret.

ryt boss! i figured it out. :) probably m waiting for something big to see him. :D

@Neyawn I am still struggling with my health as my body type has the propensity to gain weight very quickly.

This when added with 100% strike rate for genetic liver illness in the family always keeps me on my toes.

Mortal fear does that to people. 

So I regularly go to the gym which helps me in getting my head straight.

@shriyansh_tiwari992884  Haha, We totally get you.

Working out is not just for the body. Its for the mind too :)

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