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What did you learn from Economic Survey?

Economic Survey Summary


So now that preparation is in a limbo, we can very well have a thread to discuss important issues, ideas and questions from economic survey.

I am starting this thread and hoping people will share.

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Please contribute.

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I think there should be a fixed structure. According to me, we should do it chapterwise, in which we first find out issues & their reasons that Economic survey talks about. Then the solutions/suggestions that it proposes, along with data associated with the chapter.

For example in Volume 1, chapter 2, the issue it talks about is entrepreneurial activities being heterogeneous across Indian districts and across sectors. 

The suggestions it proposes are investing in social infrastructure to improve human resources, physical infrastructure for connectivity, labour law reforms, measures for ease of doing business.


1. Rank 3 in number of new firms created. (World Bank data on Entrepreneurship)

2. 10% increase in New firms in a district yields 1.8% increase in GDDP.

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I think some of the best ideas are there in Essential Commodites Act Chapter! Mindblowing!

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