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What is the 1 thing you learned from your Prelims failure?

So Prelims is to come in about 5 months. For those of us who have written the Prelims before, what is the one thing prelims failure has taught you?

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There is Tolstoyan perspective of history that events are important, men are nothing.

But you have to accept things, the way they are.

Again preparing for battle and this time hopefully result would be different.

Joined SFG. 

HAVE ALL NOTES ( HAND WRITTEN HANDY) + Prepared for mains during this cooling off period ( Optional is thoroughly prepared with test series )

let’s see 2022.

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Every year there will be a new struggle.Even if you have cleared it by fluke or by hard work in the previous year there is no guarantee that you will clear it the next year. You have to constantly reinvent yourself and your strategy. Though some things stay the same like pyq analysis and core static books. But you've to be on your toes to clear it. 
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To judge the paper then and there. If u have read things sincerely..then it is difficult for everybody. Do not over attempt. One should find his own optimum zone..whether it is 95+ questions or 75-80. 

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Failed last one. Cleared this one. Single most important thing in Prelims - 2011 Later Previous Year Questions. Around 15 questions were repeated directly or indirectly. Its ROI is even higher than Laxmikant.
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Focus on mental and physical health is must. Just 5 days before Prelims 2021 I got Dengue and I gave my exam with rashes on my body. Though there are other reasons but to me, not focusing on health was a blunder. And I feel that I must have missed the cutoff by very few margins. But now I have noted down my first principle and I am working on it with full enthusiasm. 
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Do not show any complacency while writing CSAT paper  in exam or test . 
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Handle the butterfly moments- Pressure situation is the key.. Keeping your emotions aside and thinking, making decision rationally and logically is the core .. Apart from X numbers of mocks ,Revisions Practice,  Your performance in those 2 hours is deciding factor..  don't give up midway of exam and Stick to your basic principles even in the face of difficulty and uncertainty... Mental attitude and your positive approach is required.. last half hour of exam ,last month or last week will either make you or break you, depending upon hw to respond the things.. Multiple Revision and lot of practice with analysis and Track your Performance in mocks or in a day through excel sheet or Dairy entry key to self improvement..
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We all face challenges in life. This failure was one of mine, and the experience taught me a critical lesson: changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for yea. We all deal with setbacks but in the long run, the quality of our lives often depends on the quality of our habits. With the same habits, you’ll end up with the same results. But with better habits, anything is possible.

It is a gradual evolution, a long series of small wins and tiny breakthroughs. The only way I can make progress—the only choice I had— is to start small.
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multiple and ruthless revisions are very important, and they require discipline and patience.
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If failed, change the tract.

Focus on CSAT.

Reading = 3 times but revise 'n' times

Handling the anxiety.


जब तक फोडेंगे नही, तब तक छोडेंगे नही ||

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Mocks - they are important. You can learn and cram all the concepts and facts. You may do pyp well, but don't underestimate the value of mocks. Sectional mocks can be skipped, but do attempt ~ 10 full length mocks. I remember giving one ForumIAS Simulator test, found it so absurd and random, thought UPSC don't ask these questions neither UPSC is such random and the rest is history. The one thing I have learnt is that be ready to test yourself in every situation, UPSC can throw any bomb be ready to face any situation.

Give some full length mocks. They'll help to recognize how much questions to attempt, how to approach the paper and so on. PYP are imp, but they only tell what topics are important, which type of questions come and what type doesn't.
And lastly train yourself to not panic. If I have not panicked in prelims this year, may be I had stopped myself from over-attempting.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 
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That in those 2 hours, not being in a state of calm can f** up a lot of things.

I couldn’t bubble my OMR for about 20 questions in my first attempt due to panic and improper time management. To this day it’s unbelievable to me that it happened that way and sunk my entire preparation for that year 🥲

2nd attempt >finished paper and luckily qualified jaise taise 💁🏻‍♀️ 

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During prep: Revise, revise, revise and revise till you feel nauseated but can answer anything from the basic books.

During the exam: Attempt the paper like any other FLT mock 

Per Aspera 

Ad Astra

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Couldn't clear it in 4 attempts .

I know what's not working in all the way.. lets see when i will be able to tell what worked.

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That things can't be covered end moment, a full fledged preparation is required. Had to go through a lot because of my " ye toh mai last mein kar loongi" attitude. Because it doesn't happen last mein 
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Do not mock the mocks.

Attempt them like you are in the Exam Hall and focus on developing a strategy that you will follow on the D-Day

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You have to make sure that you don't get Qs wrong from standard books which is q
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Apart from all suggestions here, one peculiar thing I have encountered in my first prelims needs to be avoided. It is "unnecessarily  indulging yourself in a particular question just because you have prepared that topic well".  By the time you will realise it, crucial 5/6 minutes or most will be lost. In 2018 a match the column on Wellesley came and i got too indulged in that question. Later it came out that UPSC did some word play and gave name of the brother of Wellesley (THE Wellesley). So its UPSC, other than being unpredictable, it's cunning too:D
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The thing I learnt is that there should not be an iota of complacency.

For prelims, I studied and revised(multiple times) all the standard books. I solved  PYQs from 2013(not revised though)

Then, I felt safe. I felt that whatever question it may be, it would eventually will be from these topics/books and hence satisfied that I did them well.In the process, I totally blinded myself from the most well established tra of UPSC-"unpredictability".

They say that there's a fine line between being confident and being overconfident. Unknowlingly, I crossed it.

Ugh!!! Whatever.

I hope I learn from these and not be overly confident/complacent, rather be more cautious in future. Signed up for SFG(got into RLG tho) and hope I clear prelims 2022.:D

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