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[official][prelims 2023] How was prelims result? In or out?

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Some advice for those who've cleared Prelims. (also Avoid mechanical approach for mains & focus on analysis) 

1. Essay Ethics & Optional are kingmakers. Paper 2 and Essay took away my ticket to Personality test in 2022. 

In all these papers, I personally believe writing the same Questions as that of toppers & PYQs (as they're largely static) will give greater insights than the substandard evaluation by Test Series in the market. 

2. Simulation is the key. You need to build the stamina for the Mains examination. It's BRUTAL. My friend Rank 1 simulated the exam thrice before the exam


Those who are checking your copies are far less knowledgeable than you. Please keep your common sense alive. Keep all your focus on Addressing the demand of the Question in the best possible way.

For essay the focus should be on two things : Flow + Keeping close to demand of essay (I focussed too much on giving examples and content rather than the arguments). That's it. Baaki Innovate and be yourself 

Again my friend Rank 1 told me that Essay & Ethics are test of personality. Make sure your ethical self is reflected. 

Don't get homogenised by the evaluations of test series. Me and my friend always ignored Forum's fetish with putting the sub heading in a box. 

4. PRESENTATION is the Queen if Addressing demand is the King : By presentation, I would say Make sure your copy looks neat. That's it.

5. HEALTH : I fell sick before the Mains exam 2022 and lost precious 10-12 days.Make sure you remain fit and PLEASE DON'T EAT UNHYGIENIC FOOD at all. 

6. Don't worry if you don't complete the paper in Test Series. As you'll make short notes and mug them up, You'll be able to complete the Final Mains on time. This doesn't mean you take paper completion lightly. Do make a strategy for yourself

7. Work like you have never done before. Don't let the prelims result get into your head. Pat yourself on the back and move with MASSIVE force towards mains. 

P.S : I am not attempting this exam this year and I didn't clear the Mains last year primarily due to a 99 in Essay & 117 in Paper 2 of PSIR. Take anything coming from my mouth with a pinch of salt. Just sharing MY learnings 

Edit : SHORT NOTES ke bina Mains exam nahi hoga at least mujhse. That is a A HUGE pillar to clear mains. Also focus MAJORLY on analysis but MUG UP ki power ko underestimate mat karna please. It will save you time and help you reproduce faster and better. 

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Cleared uppsc prelims :)) :blush:

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Out. 3 consecutive prelims failure.

It feels like failure is the new normal. 

But one  good thing happened in this journey that I reached forum at this attempt and I found really good competitive peers. Which will remind me my old school days . When me and my close friends are competing for 1st rank in the class. 

Also in words of

Dipin sir " this exam need back to school mode of preparation " is definitely true. 

I hope i will gain my power of competive instinct again soon. 

Those who are are in guys make this attempt count. 

Best of luck đź‘Ť. 

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In. Last attempt. Fourth Mains awaits.

P - 6 | M - 4 | I - 0 | Psychology |
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Last attempt

failed in prelims 

it’s over for this lifetime

pain pain pain

Jab khud ke mann ka ho to achha

jab na ho to aur bhi achha

because jab apne mann ka nahi hota to bhagwaan ke mann ka hota.

Stay strong. Very very very proud of your effort friend. You’ll soon be happy as many of my friends are doing excellent after exiting this cycle. You WILL too

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Congratulations to everyone who got through the toughest prelims! :heart:

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Like always, I am here for those who didn’t make it. 

DM your rants, dukh, peeda , pain IF you want, BUT just DONT BLAME YOURSELF IF YOU GAVE IT YOUR ALL. Be kind to yourself. You are far important than an unpredictable/Random exam.

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In. Gs 97-105, csat 66-70 acc to keys 
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Congrats to all who cleared- go all out for mains and those who couldn’t for you i can say only this -it’s only delayed not denied so keep going ( this poem is for all of you )

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In. Both CSE and IFoS. 
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after 2 setback in CSAT
Finally In
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Can't believe it. Uptill now I used to think i suck only at mains... but this time i flunked prelims too ! All those who have made it make it count coz There is no surety that you will keep clearing prelims just because you have done it multiple times in the past. Can't take it for granted anymore.
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So far prelims rituals are concerned this is the one I wait for most :p saxennaji liking his own post and thereby giving aspirants a lesson in self love.

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Last attempt

failed in prelims 

it’s over for this lifetime

pain pain pain

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@LuckyKatt Thank You Lucky Bhai for that an hour long call :) 
In for the mains for the first time.
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Mann kar rha hain phone kahi dooooor phek ke bhag jaun.. This wait time truly sucks. Have not faced such anxiety even during CAT/Engg entrance because outcomes were more sane, though it was a long time ago.. At least pata to hota tha hua ki nhi. Seedha yes/no with some discomfort as always with competitive exams. But this, THIS is a whole different beast
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@Ri2raj let's see, I'm still skeptical about this robot guy. If true then yes anyone with 80+ (after assuming all disputed wrong) or 90+ with coaching keys is in.

THE thing is 

Its very easy for someone with 85+ from coaching keys to end up on the wrong side

and someone with 80 to get 95

ANswer key cuts both ways

so -10/ +5 might be a good range  to expect 

And hoping to be on the good side of csat

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I wanted to ask those who have cleared this prelims. I can clearly see that attempting on the higher side has worked for many. Do you agree that our attempts should be on higher side given the increased subjectivity in the questions ? Has someone with conservative attempt (Less than 80) cleared here ?

Kindly share your experience if possible

I've always attempted 80 or fewer questions.

2018 - 80

2019 - 81

2020 - 75

2021 - 76

2022 - 78

2023 - 76

Cleared cutoff everytime but 2018. 

I'd suggest one shouldn't decide the no. of attempts beforehand. Rather, they should decide it after seeing the paper. Do the first round and see how many questions they can attempt with reasonable accuracy (80%+).

If you've done 35 or more, you CAN clear with ~80 attempt. If you've attempted 30 or less, you HAVE TO attempt more questions.

Disclaimer: This is not a prescription, just a possibility. Use your discretion as it may not work for everyone. Also, if you're aiming for Forest cutoff, it may not be suitable for you unless you've superhuman accuracy.

P - 6 | M - 4 | I - 0 | Psychology |
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All the best everyone . I hope we get our results soon. 
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