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What tool do you use to make / collect digital notes ?


Okay , so

some people are voting for others ! Kindly share what tool you use!

This is very intriguing !


Same here


Notability for mains notes, daily newspapers on iOS

Evernote and readwise for online articles, snaps while on mobile and pc.

Anki for everything factual related for prelims prep

Been hearing a lot about anki. Considering I'm a total noob and going for 2022 attempt, is it worth investing time learning it from scratch? 

Since you are a 2022 aspirant, you have more than enough time. Learning the basics of Anki takes 15 minutes to half an hour (at max). The major time taken would be in making your flashcards in Anki. To save time on that, you can download readymade decks or collaborate with a few others and divide your work. 

One important piece of advice: Anki is just a tool. The principle behind it is Active Learning. Focus on that, even if you're unable to use Anki. 

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Adding to it, if I do not write something or create notes, I feel I haven't done any work. Maybe an old habit. 

Absolutely! Nothing on a screen looks as satisfying as a 60 page file feels in my hand :D

I’m somewhere in between, making notes using OneNote felt liberating. Made all of them section wise like the person above has done. But re-reading and revising them? God! Maut aati thi :P

Had to print them eventually. Now feels nice to highlight them or scribble on them, revision has also been easier. Old habits die hard. 

I've kinda faced the same issue. My online notes look good and organised. But I'll any day prefer studying from printouts. Unfortunately, Notion printouts lose their functionality. So trying to adapt my study habits now


Does recording voice for taking notes counts in other? :( 

How do you revise them? I used to make voice recordings for current affairs. But to study something specific, I had to listen to the whole thing again. 
Or are you using this differently?

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