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Wouldn't we lose all writing practise when we don't do it in 3-4 months before prelims ?

I am writing weekly tests on MGP-2023 (through 5 half tests so far), started wondering where will it land me in terms of writing speed and style by end of this program ? A few questions to experienced folks:

1. Will weekly tests be enough for now for achieving "sufficient" speed to "complete the paper" in next year's Mains ? Or does this all not matter and it's only dependent on 3-month practise we do after prelims and before Mains ? Or should we be writing daily answers ?

2. As the speed would improve, would style/neatness of writing improve too ? Or does it remain same throughout from start to end, as we see some toppers have got great handwriting and some don't!

3. Any other tips that helped you or your friends ?




@TrystWithDestiny Practice writing papers for half length tests or full length tests. Focus on content and quality and not so much on timing, which you can improve with time as you improve your content normal.

Weather to do daily or weekly is a false binary. Most students who get in this decision trap will end up doing none. Usually how this ends is

1) I didn't do daily answers, why ?

Busy preparing for weekly. 

2) Did not write weekly tests, why ?

Busy preparing for dailies.

In your preparation journey, the biggest problem is roo many change of plans, or creating too many decision points.

Then you are caught in the decision trap.

Look there is a big gap between people who are actually preparing and people who think they are preparing.

Which category you fall in depends on the simple answers to simple question s

1) how many tests you are writing , how many pages you read, how many pages you made notes, how many classes you took.

The answer lies in these numbers. It's appalling to often see people "thinking they are preparing" but doing none of those things.

And the number of people "thinking" they are preparing for ias may be over 1-2 crore! You can see youtube shorts and likes and blogs for it.

Do not fall into those. Don't create new decision points for yourself.

Make a plan, believe it is impossible to fail, and stick to the plan.

Make progress everyday. Seek progress and you may reach near perfection - which is good enough to get a top rank.

Seek perfection, and you have neither progress nor perfection.

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@Neyawn score in 40s is fine as of now?
What score shows content competence?approx rough idea

@Najdorf yes same question my marks are stuck in the 40’s in the 6 mini tests!!@Neyawn 

@Vaibhavthakur00.VT612 add loads of data sets
 give emphasis on “presentation “ tables flowchart etc just to show “u know good space management “ 

Also - Attempt all question. 
this will do . 

@Neyawn What's the boundary line between good decision making & a decision trap?

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