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AAWFG For Mains 2022

AWFG is meant for candidates who are looking for an Intensive, competitive program with the best peer group to complete their coverage of the GS Syllabus in the shortest time possible.

It is recommended for candidates who have not been able to devise a comprehensive strategy for Mains preparation, and still have prelims based approach to exam preparation. Candidates who have written Mains, but lack notes on GS across the papers can use the program to complete their coverage of the syllabus and make high-quality crisp notes for the same.

Candidates who have secured a Rank, but are looking for Rank improvement and a complete revision of the syllabus can benefit from this program.

Note: All the announcements and official updates related to AWFG 2022 will be posted on this dedicated channel.

AWFG For Mains 2022
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