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Daily Quiz For UPSCDaily Quiz For UPSC

The idea is to keep the number of MCQ questions to a practicable level so that you do not spend an extra minute than required, and have maximum output for the UPSC Prelims Exam 2020. Note: Questions would mostly be Current Affairs based. All the Best! Start practicing from today.

Daily Quiz For UPSC
AWFG 2024 – Announcing the AWFG for Mains 2024 | Entrance Test 21st April 2024 Click Here  to know more

Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2025
Hindi Medium Program starts - 9th April 2024, To know more Click Here
English Medium Program starts - 20th March 2024, To know more Click Here

Pre-Cum-Mains GS Foundation Program 2025, Delhi Centre - Morning (8:30 AM) and Evening (4:30 PM) starting from 19th April 2024 Click Here to know more