M Mains Marathon - [Daily Answer Writing by ForumIAS]

This page will contain 3 - 4 questions and answers posted on daily basis. The questions will be based on current affairs relevant to GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4 . We will try to make questions relevant w.r.t UPSC exam. Answers to the question will be posted on the next day. Kindly follow this page to receive email alerts, whenever questions/answers are posted.

Mains Marathon - [Daily Answer Writing by ForumIAS]

Mains Guidance Programme (MGP) 2021 : ForumIAS Academy will be starting with Mentor Guided Mains Test Series - MGP/MGP+ 2021 (Alt) from 15th July 2020. To Register, click on the following links for MGP or MGP+. Click here for Brochure