The 30 Day Guide to Prelims Preparation

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  • Neharika singh

    Motivating !

  • Ubermensch

    Such an optimisitc article, will help for next 60 days. Thanks @forumias-fc6abf7b29980aa85f2fb4b97682190f:disqus

  • alexander_coming

    Thank you sir for providing the right information at right time…

  • India bhai

    One of the masterpiece of article with marks boosting tricks…;)

  • Umesh Kumar

    Awesome post…got motivated…

    Sir, have a doubt…can I skip reading news paper for the next few days (till prelims)?

    Or Paper should b continued till prelims..please suggest us..

    Thank you in advance


    Thankyou neyawn bhai.hoping to employ it in every exam starting from pre.

  • VivekJ2

    Sir, very well said. I have seen all students not studying books but only solving and reading solutions of test papers. I am following your strategy since day on the forum and it has helped me a lot.

  • Arduous

    Thanks you sir…..its really going to least for working professionals…

  • Sid

    Appreciate your effort neyawn. Wondering whether you’re still in the game or waiting for chhattar singh to leave 🙂

  • Little corporal

    Thank you sir!

  • Dr_Strange

    Your articles are always awaited. Thnx & God Bless.

  • Neyawn

    Glad it helped @disqus_clogXI1jDJ:disqus

  • Neyawn

    Haha. Thank you so much for the appreciation!

  • ted_cruz

    any website where one can practice past year question paper??

  • godsowngirl

    Thanks for such kind n positive words?

  • nivedita

    this is so so inspiring ..u know the nerve …..thank you

  • Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh

    @Neyawn sir g.. Hats Off..esa lgta h jese puri ki puri KUNDILINI hi jagrit ho gyi aapka shudhh gyaan paake.. Will definitely implement 7 points from tomorrow.. Shukriya Dhanyawad Thank You and …..


    Another Equally useful Article for Newbies and Old Elephants by NEYAAAWAAAN sir g 😀

  • I was in search of something morale booster for the whole day. I should have read it a little early. But as they say ” better late than never. ” Thanks a lot Sir!

  • Pratik

    Thanks a lott sir……feeling pumped ?

  • holygrail

    It was really helpful man. I come in second category people so now things are clear in my mind.

  • Monisha Dikshit

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article !

  • Thank you sir. Great article at appropriate time.

  • examfreak


  • stixpow .

    This is phenomenal! Many thanks, Neyawn.

  • Anand

    Thank you sir. It really helped me. Thank you….

  • Sandeep Kumar

    thank you so neyawn….

  • Priyanka_9

    As usual very inspiring n genuinely awesome article. Can’t thank you enough Neyawn! 🙂

  • kapil987654321

    nice motivating article 🙂

  • Terminator_champ

    Confused Confused !!

    Lot’s of insights and useful suggestions here for a first timer. Thanks a lot for that.

    But, I’m a bit confused regarding the category to which I belong. I’ve been scoring between 80-110 consistently in full length tests ( which is category 1 as mentioned ) but I’m not in top 10%-20%ile (read Insights test series).

    What should I do ? carry on with what I’m doing or go to basics. Please help.

  • TheBigDaddy

    Thanks @forumias-fc6abf7b29980aa85f2fb4b97682190f:disqus . I tried doing what you suggested and it didn’t take more than 35-40 minutes, as it is reading up for Prelims all day makes it pretty monotonous. Reading the newspaper, did help those thinking cells to work back 🙂

    Thanks again for the advice ! 🙂

  • kingka2

    Thanks Neyawn..Yes as ppl said(here) its a moral booster..(boost,Horlics,borunvita,MELODONIUM :)) !! I do fall in Status 2.. I will be working hard…
    But, let me know if there is any tip to remember what i read for long term…Thanks in Advance..
    Thank you

  • Aditya Bajpai

    thanks a lot sir it really boosted me 🙂
    and i think i belong to somewhere between prepration status 1 and 2.

  • Neyawn

    Exactly my point @harish:disqus

    I wrote this because I realised that suddenly a lot of people are focusing on 3000-5000 questions or 10,000 MCQs and hoping to crack the exam with expectation that after solving 10,000 questions 100 questions will come from there.

    A. That doesn’t happen
    B. The choices in UPSC are not so straightforward that without the KB and aptitude to tackle questions , you will be able to solve those questions correctly.

    KB + Practise in a test environment – both are important. I am just saying that solving questions is good for say people like @ mango_dolly (who has accumulated KB with prelims, mains, interview experience 3 times) or those who have scored 120+ last year or those who have covered the syllabus well with revisions. Because they already have the KB, and need to resharpen their minds. There isnt much left for studied.

    But for someone who has not done so, one cannot replace studies with question answers.

  • harish

    this article is an eye opener for me bcoz I belong to the category of solving 3000-4000 que and the reason I thought for not getting good marks in test series is not solving enough que but your article gave me the clarity that its the “knowledge base” thats lacking…………..thankyou so much……..:)

  • indrajeet kumar

    my preparation is not quite comprehensive because i am the type 2 student but the life savior thing is that i have to appear next year. but i am nervous about my PT score which is 40-50 marks. what should i do? @forumias-fc6abf7b29980aa85f2fb4b97682190f:disqus

  • Mohit verma

    Thnx it was much needed.

  • Thanks Neyawn!
    Great confidence booster!
    Will start my day from 5 tomorrow instead of ending it! 🙂

  • Satanist

    Thanks sir…….Such a booster you provided

  • Neyawn

    Give it your best Andy 🙂
    All the best!

  • Neyawn

    Glad it helped. I have two things to tell you
    1) You are godsowngirl. Believe in yourself.
    2) Your ship isn’t sinking!

    Bests 🙂

  • godsowngirl

    Thank you for such an amazing write up…I Feel like somebody just read my mind and cleared all my confusions…I guess it’s a part of d entire process wen u get self doubts at d wrong times..u have just given my sinking ship a boost to sail through…thanks a ton!!!

  • Neyawn

    Haha, Yes Sir You did too! I had included your name too in the “thanked me list”, but then removed it later because i wasn’t clear with what you had thanked me for 😛

    Will include your name again 🙂

    Great to have you read my article! 🙂

  • godsowngirl

    Thank you for such an amazing write up…I Feel like somebody just read my mind and cleared all my confusions…I guess it’s a part of d entire process wen u get self doubts at d wrong times..u have just given my sinking ship a boost to sail through…thanks a ton!!!

  • ap

    Boosted thanks alot

  • Mayur Ahirrao


  • mango_dolly

    Even I have thanked you personally for the last minute post (last year before mains) .. so why is my name not there ? 🙂

    Thank you for this !

  • Thanks for such a great details article and for your tips to follow in preparing exams. I shared this article in social media and forwarded to all our students.

  • thanks alot 🙂
    m also category II…not started mocks yet because i feel i shd finish the syllabus first then attempt mocks…bt there is this air of solving as many papers around/// u made me feel fine…will work harder !

  • Neyawn

    That Art Thou 🙂

  • Neyawn

    Thank you!

  • Neyawn


    I half read the novel Godfather, while holed up in lodge in an extremely painful situation about ten years back. It was someone else’s copy. I had to move out and the novel remained unfinished. Guess, its time to finish it now 🙂

  • Tanu Singhal

    I find myself somewhere in between the two categories ?

    The strategy and the motivation given here, is more than a blessing for any aspirant, including the toppers !!!

    Thanks a tonne !!!!

    ( These lines by piyush Mishra are awesome )

  • Mayur Ahirrao


  • Nitesh Mishra

    Thanx for these great advices sir..

  • Happy Ias

    Thanks a lot for this article! 🙂

    Isn’t it enough to read the 9pm daily brief and editorials from here?

  • sunnyvamsikrishna madarapu

    before reading this I was really feeling low thanks a lot sir

  • DonCoreleone

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
    Neyawn – inspiring since, forever.
    Thank you 😀

  • Abhisheksinha

    That was what I needed desperately. Thanks a lot for the generous guidance.
    There is a problem with me that I get tired easily & many a time feel sleepy even after taking proper nap.
    Is there any way to feel fresh throughout the day & keep my preparation going in full pace??

  • nimesh kumar

    Thank you sir ☺

  • jokeratupsc

    Thank you so much sir!!!!
    Appreciate your efforts. Apne andhar ka Insan ko jagadhiya.
    Thank you so much:):)

  • akshay

    you really have a knack for writing..must appreciate your efforts for penning down such a beautiful piece…great skill indeed

  • lovishgarlani

    I appreciate your efforts. A massive boost for me . Thank you so much for your precious time.

  • Jyoti

    Thank you sir..

  • Alluri Sita Rama Raju

    Right article @right time with right dose. Thanks a ton…..

  • andy133

    Thanks for this article man! Much needed at this time for someone like me who is literally struggling with the syllabus. Point 3 and Point 4 is what I am heavily relying on currently. Sixth is not possible for me 😛
    “24 Hours are usually enough to change the world” – Well said my friend!

  • Nova

    Amazing article. It surely a moral booster for me and many others.

    Thanks neyawn.

  • DrKingSchultz

    Thank you for the wonderful article. 🙂

  • Thanks a lot motivated a lot…

  • right dose at right time. thank u so much 🙂

  • Neyawn

    I am glad it helped! 🙂

  • Neyawn

    Great ! 🙂
    As always, I look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Neyawn

    Okay, here is the thing. If you can do the newspaper, this is how it is to be done. Skip to the Economy Page first and read it. Then move to IR Page and read it. Lastly, turn to the editorial page and read the long coulmn on the left. Todays items were – the Iraq War Inquiry Report and Why Pulses prices are going high stuff. That should take less than 40 minutes.

    You can safely skip the big columns.

    Newspaper can be stuck to as long as you can. Try reading todays newspaper this way and let me know if you can get done in 30-40 minutes. I did 🙂

  • Neyawn

    So glad it helped 🙂

  • Atul Das

    Thanks Neywan…..
    A mind booster…
    Need to revise syllabus at least 2 times more before writing PT….
    Point no 6 implemented today itself… 🙂
    Thanks a ton….

  • TheBigDaddy

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful article.

    As naive as this question might sound but I do need genuine advice: Should I continue to religiously read the newspaper everyday in this phase, as it takes me close to 1.5-2 hours to finish it thoroughly or I shall be good in relying on the 9 PM brief + Editorials?

    As for my preparation level – touchwood, but I did start late in solving question papers but manage to score decently in full length mocks.

    Please advice and thanks again for this awesome piece!

  • IWRA

    Such a wonderful article.

    Great suggestions.

    Gonna work on point no 6 from tomorrow onwards.

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Thanks a lot sir!
    A generous dose of morale booster vitamins u gave.?