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Interview Preparation : Preparing for UPSC Civil Services Personality Test

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Interview Preparation : Preparing for UPSC Civil Services Personality Test

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  • Lohit Matani

    Hi Espionage is to be defended in the interview because it is the major means of collecting intelligence. It is the base on which the security of ours country lies.
    Secondly you can expect questions on those aspects of CSE which are covered in Science Magazines and Newspapers.

  • Lohit Matani

    Yes immediate action has to be use force and contain violence. However, solutions are to be divided into short term and when the situation is calm.

  • DuckDuck

    Hello @lohitmatani:disqus Sir,
    I would be grateful if you would help be answer a few queries:
    1. In the issue of spying, espionage and other means of eliciting information(not strictly legal per se) from other nations- Should one defend these tactics if asked in an interview?
    My query stemmed from the arrest of Khulbhushan Yadav in Balochistan or say the episodes of Ravindra Kaushik in the past.

    2. I have a degree from Computer Science and Engineering, what kind of questions can I expect if at all I qualify in CSM.

    Thank you.

  • Kavya

    In case 3 the reason for imminent violence is communal tension. So shouldn’t the immediate action to diffuse communal tension be to deploy personnel to stand guard in the area? So that the tempers that have flared up due to arrests calm down? Violence happens in the moment when people know they won’t be stopped.
    Meeting can then be taken up after 1 -2 days when the people are in a better mood to talk.
    The root cause of the problem is a perpetual lack of grazing land. Solutions can be asking the people to demarcate some grazing land in their own area. They can also pool land for grazing. Another way should be to provide cattle fodder instead of grazing land.
    Please review.

  • Lohit Matani

    Firstly you don’t require to do an in-depth study of your engineering subjects. Just focus on issues that are highlighted in today’s debate. Like if you are an electrical or electronics engineer, you should know all the types of solar power plants. A chemical engineer should know about the advanced aspects of fuel cell technology. Basically, focus on issues a generalist person can ask you about.

    Secondly, you have to know about all the places mentioned in your DAF. I know that it is tough, but use internet and study.

    Thirdly, they can ask you about the origin and words of some languages you know.

    Fourthly, there are 5 members in the UPSC board, you should try to make eye contact with all of them. Thus you will have to rotate your neck.


    Hello Lohit Sir.
    Please if you could answer the following doubts:
    1)What if I have not touched my engineering subjects from a long time and I know longer remember the core paper stuffs.Also in addition to this,I have an entirely different mains optional ,which in noway is related to engineering.
    Even if I put some time,I wouldn’t be able to revise more than 2 core subjects.My Engg .branch being a core branch has lots of aspects and too many things

    2) Likening towards the local dialects of the places I have lived in so far, is my hobby.I try to learn and speak those local languages

    What questions can be put up ?

    3) My residence is different from my birth place and I was brought up and did schooling at my birth place.
    Thereafter a new place for graduation and jobs respectively .

    I used to visit my residence for 2 months in an year that too till standard 9th.
    As a grown up, I find myselves too ignorant about the history,geography ,current scenarios of my residence.

    Should I expect them to be focussing on the birth place or the place of residence.

    Lastly ,I couldn’t understand the neck movement you had talked about.


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  • Nicky

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • ForumIAS

    Month end probably. But, nobody knows 🙂

  • pr39048

    Sir, results kab aa raha hai..?

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  • Lokmanya

    Thank you very much sir