Must Read News Articles – March 6

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Centre launches survey on Gangetic dolphins: The Centre has launched the first ever across-the-river survey in the Ganga to determine the population of aquatic life, including that of the endangered Gangetic doplhin.

India runs out of life-saving HIV drug for children: Cipla, sole manufacturer of Lopinavir syrup, stopped production of the drug after govt. failed to clear dues.

Attacks on Indians put MEA under pressure: Besieged by complaints from PIOs and NRIs, India can do little in the case of citizens of another country

Aadhaar data not misused: UIDAI: ‘Hi-tech encryption being used’Dismissing reports of misuse of Aadhaar biometrics for identity or financial thefts, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Sunday said personal data held by it were secure.

Computer OS, short movie successfully stored in DNA: Scientists have successfully stored a computer operating system, a short movie along with other data in DNA, an advance that may usher the next generation of ultra-compact, biological storage devices which will last hundreds of thousands of years.


No time for complacency: India’s economy is defying the pessimists, and the time is ripe to deepen structural reforms.

Saving the Ghats: There is a need to urgently determine how much of the Western Ghats is ecologically sensitive.

Elusive reconciliation: Colombo must do much more to address the concerns of the Tamil minority.


Policy drags e-commerce exports: India had woken up to the huge potential of e-commerce exports from the country when the Centre decided to provide incentives in the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20 to promote exports of goods hosted on a website and dispatched through courier or postal mode.

A boon for tourists, techies fret: U.S. could roll out a red carpet for Indian visitors even as IT staff worry over H-1B.

 Indian Express

Many meanings of corruption: The Supreme Court’s recent reading of the law of contempt comes as a welcome relief.

Banking blues: RBI should ask banks to rethink decision to charge customers for cash transactions at branch.

Leave PoK alone: Attempts to integrate it with the rest of India will lead to violent after-effects.

Live Mint

India’s manufacturing opportunity: There is a considerable gap between India’s manufacturing potential and its realization.

The political economy of India’s bad bank: A bad bank should not get labelled in public discourse as a government ‘bailout’ of crony capitalists.

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