All India Simulator Test Series for Prelims 2022 - ForumIAS

All India Simulator Test Series for Prelims 2022

All India Simulator Test Series for Prelims 2022

16th May Update

PTS-2022 | All India GS Simulator | Test 6 | Offline Only Ranklist | ClickHere to check your score

The simulator Test 6 has Cut-off Marks 100.

11th May Update

Dear Students,

There is an update in the Corrigendum of Simulator 2022 Test 5. There is 1 more change in the answer. In Q.42 correct answer is Option b. Also, some extra explanation has been provided.Click Here  to update Corrigendum

10th May Update

PTS-2022 | All India GS Simulator | Test 5 | Offline Only Ranklist | ClickHere to check your score

Corrigendum PTS 2022 GS Simulator Test 5 |

The simulator Test 5 has Cut-off Marks 94.


3rd May Update

PTS-2022 | All India GS Simulator | Test 4 | Offline Only Ranklist | Click Here to check your score

The simulator Test 4 has Cut-off Marks 94.

26th April Update

PTS-2022 | All India GS Simulator | Test 3 | Offline Only Ranklist |Click Hereto check your score

19th April Update:

PTS-2022 | All India GS Simulator | Test 2 | Offline Ranklist |Click Hereto check your score

Corrigendum GS Simulator Test-2 |Click Hereto check

If you have attempted the Test in Online Mode, you can check your detailed analytics on your portal by visiting

10th April Update:

Towatch PTS 2022 | All India Simulator | Test - 1 | Live Discussion, please visit the below link:

9th April Update:

Students can download their hall ticket by visiting:

If you need further assistance please write to us atfarej@flaviant.comor call us at9311740914and9311740948.

4th April Update:

Question Paper of GS Simulator – 0:Click Here

Solution of GS Simulator – 0:Click Here

Discussion video of GS Simulator – 0:Click Here

Revised Results of GS Simulator – 0  (Offline) -Click Here

Revised Consolidated results of GS Simulator -0 (Online + Offline) -Click Here

The GS Simulator test 0 has the cut-off marks 95-97.

If you are not able to find your result in above attached documents or found discrepancies in your result please reach out to Mr. Farej at  or call at 9311740914 

Dear Students, 

With Prelims examination hardly 68 days away, it is very important to analyse your preparation today and make corrections for final examination on 5th June.

ForumIAS is conducting All India Free Open Test (GS Simulator 0) on 3rd April 2022. This year simulators are being conducted offline in over 20 citiesClick Here to register.

With ForumIAS Simulator 0 (All India Free Open Test), gauge your preparation, analyse mistakes, develop analytical and reasoning ability, and most importantly gauge your competition. The tests will be supplemented with a) All India Ranking, b) Solutions and c) Live discussion.

Every year since 2016, 8000 - 12000 students have appeared in GS Simulator 0.

Click here to register for Simulator 0

To know more about ForumIAS All India Simulator Test Series Click Here

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Hey! Can anyone make a thread to discuss these FLTs, both Forum Sims and Vision abhyaas, that most of us are giving? This one i feel like we shouldn’t spam because they solve students’ technical issues etc here. 
There was a thread last year that shared doubts, factoids etc.. can’t find any active one for this year? Because I have a lot of questions for abhyaas paper…
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Not able to download hall ticket? 
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@farejul Sir what is the cutoff for this test? 

The Simulator test 2 has the cutt off marks 95.

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i attempted the test offline. Came back and marked my responses on the portal to check score. 

my offline rank on the portal almost 1/3rd the rank shown in the pdf above. 

The only reason we join a test series for prelims is to gauge our standing with respect to other aspirants. 

if that system is flawed then the whole point of writing the test is lost.

that said, i have faith in forum to address it before the next simulator this Sunday. 


Are you able to mark on portal even if you have written the test offline ?

What do you see now ? The choices you have marked in portal or choices you have marked offline ?

The system was designed so as to overwrite offline score card over any online attempt.

yes sir, atleast for this test we were able to mark it after the offline test as well. 

i marked the same responses on the portal as i marked offline so i dont know the difference sir. 

the reason i came back and marked my responses online was to get the score and answer key. 


1. Your rank in the PDF is a better reflection of where you currently stand.

2. There is a massive effort that most people will put in last two months, so it's a volatile position. Try to maintain your rank irrespective of papers.

3. Make sure you a diary of mistakes where you note down concepts that you got wrong. Study them, and also read aboutbthem on wikipedia first paragraph.

4. Everyday do try to devote 60-90 minutes on the internet researching keywords and concepts. Especially with SnT , Enviornment and subjects where no "Bible" exists.

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@Atp1019 Gave offline. When I counted: ~128 marks.

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@farejulwhat would be the cut off of this test as per UPSC standards?

The Simulator test 0 has the cut-off marks 95-97.

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@farejul If we take offline simulator tests and miss the test, Can we give the exam online later? This is because forum simulator test date and timings are clashing with other test series (abhyaas tests of vision).

please allow 2 slots for offline tests if possible on sundays. 

most of us are writing other tests also on sundays so it would be really helpful if it is allowed to write tests from 2:30-4:30 as well. 

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@farejul @forumiasacademy can you please explain the methodology behind the cut off calculations?

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Dear Students,

This is to update all of you that Simulator 0 results will be published today by EOD. If you are any facing issues, Kindly drop the mail at Thank you:)

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Solutions - Simulator 1

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@farejul @Neyawn 

I have found aSerious Discrepancy.There are high chances that the rank list of simulator 1 is not genuine.

Look at marks of the people in rank list. 

In any prelims exam, There is equal probability that marks of a candidate end with ".00" or ".67" or ".33".

Incase of Simulator 0 the marks look genuine , with almost same number of people with marks ending with .00 , .67 , .33.

However in case of Simulator 1: The are severely high number of people with marks ending with ".00". While marks ending with ".67" and ".33" are very low. 

Anyone cntrol + F the rank lists and search for .00 / .67 / .33 and check it for your self.

In worst case scenario I might be wrong but probability of getting 5015 vs 345, 295 is very low in fact it is  impossible.

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Unable to download hall ticket. Says "user not found". No update about Mumbai test center address either. Kindly help. 
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Still not able to download the hall ticket.@farejul please look into the issue.

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Anyone got key of todays paper?
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Scored 89.33
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@farejul kindly release Offline + online Rank List as well, it will help us in checking our progress !
thanks in advance !!

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answers ! 

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@crikeymate Revolution alone can’t cause seasons. Without the axial tilt, both hemispheres will face sun at the same time. But since one hemisphere is always tilted away from the sun, seasons occur. 

(I’m really bad at explaining through texts, so forgive me if this doesn’t make things clear for could watch a video to understand better ) 

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@akkadbakkadIt is a very well established fact that Asiatic Lion are limited to Gir NP.

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