Answer Writing Focus Group [AWFG] for Mains 2020 | Registrations Starts for 2nd Month from 9th Nov. - ForumIAS

Answer Writing Focus Group [AWFG] for Mains 2020 | Registrations Starts for 2nd Month from 9th Nov.

We shall be commencing with the Answer Writing Focus Group ( AWFG ) for Mains 2020 from October 10th ( Saturday) 

Update 1: To check the detailed daily test plan of AWFG: Click Here

Update 2: This is to quickly inform you that the registrations for AWFG Entrance Test 2 are now Open. For those who missed the registration due to State PCS or other reasons and want to join, can register for it immediately.

Registrations will close by 2 PM, Monday and Test will be released at 5 PM. You must submit the test by 10 PM, Monday ( October 12).

No further extensions will be provided.

Registration Link:

Update 3: List of Students selected in AWFG for Mains 2020 - Entrance Test 1.

Click hereto download

Update 4: List of Students selected in AWFG for Mains 2020 - Entrance Test 2.

Click here to download

Update 5:Payment Link of AWFG - First Month:

Update 6: The Paper will now be uploaded at 7 AM. So those of you who want to begin the day with Answer Writing Practice can get started early.

Update 7: We will be having a Telegram Group for connecting and sharing our Answers for better peer review of answers. The Link of TG Group is

Update 8: Candidates are requested to renew for the second month by Monday, November 9 by paying a fee of Rs. 1500 + 18% GST. A grace period of 3 days - till November 11, 5 PM will be provided in which fees must be paid. From November 11, candidates will be removed from the course.

Payment Link for 2nd Month:

What is AWFG?It is a focussed group for Mains Preparation by way of regular Answer Writing. We shall be requiring participants to do 1-hour answer writing every M/W/F for the next 2 months with us.

The Admissions to the AWFG will be based on an entrace test conducted on Saturday, October 10, 2PM. Candidates will be given a question Paper with 3-5 subjective questions to access their (a) conceptual understanding (b) note making ability (c) general awareness of current issues.

Candidates will be required to submit the Test on the same day at 10 PM by uploading on the portal.

The Answer Copies will be assessed by the Academy and students who are selected will be informed by email and SMS.

Note :

  • This program is available only in the online mode.
  • The program commenced from October 10 ( Saturday ), with the first Entrance Test.
  • Results of the Entrance Test will be given out by Monday, 14 October at 11
  • The First Test will be conducted Wednesday, October 14th.
  • Students in ORN / KB can collect the daily Question Paper ( Hard Copy ) from the Center at after 11Am every day.
  • Solutions along with Discussion Video will be uploaded by 7PM of the Test Day on the academy portal.
  • Copies of AWFG are not evaluated.

Interested Candidates can register for the entrance test of the program by paying a fee of Rs. 500 + GST at this link.

Important Dates :

AWFG Test #1 (The first week will be Wednesday, & Friday. All other weeks will be M,W, F)October 14, 11 AM

#Activity / EventDate / Deadline
1Registrations Open for AWFG 2020 - Entrance Test 1October 6, 11 AM
2Registration Closes for AWFG 2020 - Entrance Test 1October 9, 5 PM
3Entrance Test of AWFG ( 1st ) at 11AM [ Online Portal >My courses ]


October 10, 2 PM
4Deadline for submission of Answers ( To be uploaded on Academy Portal Only )October 10, 10 PM
5Registrations Open for AWFG 2020 - Entrance Test 2
October 11, 9 AM
6Registration Closes for AWFG 2020 - Entrance Test 2
October 12, 2 PM
7Entrance Test of AWFG ( 2nd )  [ Online Portal >My courses ]
October 12, 5 PM
8Deadline for submission of Answers - Entrance Test 2( To be uploaded on Academy Portal Only )
October 12, 10 PM
9Selected Candidates for AWFG List (Entrance Test 1) and (Entrance Test 2) Released

Fee Payment for first Month Deadline (AWFG Entrance Test 1) & ( AWFG Entrance Test 2)

Note any students trying to pay fee after the deadlines will have to pay a Late Payment Penalty of Rs. 500. Please do not call us or email us at the last moment for same as this is a low cost program and we will not be able to provide you any support for it. 

October 12, 2 PM &

October 13, 11 AM

October 12, 5PM &

October 13, 3 PM

10AWFG Test #1

( First week will have test only on W, F. Later all Tests will be on M, W, F )

October 14, 11AM

Steps Interested Students Needed to take

  1. Register for the Entrance Test byclicking this linkand paying Fee Payment of Rs. 500
  2. On October 10, at 11AM Question will be in their course at My Courses on Academy Portal ( )
  3. Download the Question Paper and Write the Answers in A4 Sheet and upload it as per deadline clearly mentioning Name, ForumIAS Roll Number and Mobile Number. Upload it before the deadline.
  4. October 12, 11 AM Their Roll Numbers will be released on the Website. They must pay for the first month : Rs. 1900 / month ( including GST extra )
  5. UPPCS Appearing Students may email us their admit card and can write the test on Monday as per the procedure.
  6. Official Discussion Thread will be this link.Please ask any questions there.
  7. Detailed Plan will be updated by October 7, 8PM.

Note :

What you will get

  • Questions & Answers ( 3 Tests every week with 1 hours duration and 7 Questions )
  • Discussion Classes with goal of complete coverage of Mains Questions.

What you will not get 

  • Evaluation by ForumIAS ( MGP is for that )
  • Mentorship ( MGP Students can seek that )


Fee Structure ( Subscription Plan )

  • Entrance Test Fee – Rs. 500
  • Fee for first Month Subscription will be Rs. 1500 plus GST @18%.  This will allow you to access the course from 14th October till 6th November )
  • Fee for second Month will be Rs. 1500 plus GST @18%. This will allow you to access the course till Mains 2020 ) . In case you do not renew your subscription for the second month, you will be removed from the course from 9 November. You will not be able to access older files / docs / videos )
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Very frankly these online entrance tests, be it for SFG or for this, seem totally unnecessary. For offline SFG, it made sense as top 100 were given fee relaxation + discussion classes. But now in online mode it does not make sense at all. If it.s about the financial side of things then please increase the registration fees, but taking tests like this in online medium with vague questions and no evaluation makes a mockery of the entire process and simply puts the institute in bad light. 
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And they have selected almost all.... This do put qn mark over the whole process.. Atleast provide oyr reviewed sheet.. 
@GreenArrow i am up for joining the group. Please add me. 8100622941. Whatsapp or telegram. Anyone which works. 


i want to join a peer group for Awfg , can anyone accomodate me in their group ? please indox


@satyagrahi and I have a group. Currently we have 3 members, looking for one more. If anyone is interested to join pls ping on telegram @ 9731031170

@oopsie Just made a group of three people! Thanks though :)
@oopsie please add me ... 7339744814


can u add me

Add me to telegram group. 7371876820

can u add me

sorry mate, group is full. there are others on this thread itself. please check with them

add me to a telegram group. 9599429651

Plz add me to a peer group in telegram. 7989016721

For Peer group please inbox . 
Can you add me on your telegram group? Telegram nick ->'yogi_bear97'
@Jammu Hi! Same background as yours, will love to collaborate. Unfortunately, a search for ur number isnt showing anything on telegram [No users found] :/ Mine - @order on telegram too

PS: People with PSIR as optional are welcome to join/ collaborate. Ping me here along with your Telegram ID and we'd be good to go. 


Hello! Wanted to ask this from people who've done this course before. Did you people also opt for some sort of peer reviews/ checking? Or just relied on the videos/ discussion? 

@Order can u add me

@Order psir optional

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