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CSE 2023: Plan/ Strategy/ Daily Routine

A Window for all things CSE 2023. You can type in your ways and means of achieving your goals, your daily updates, strengths and things that might be holding you down. No-judgement, no-tugging, just a healthy discussion to help discuss our way through this long and interesting journey. Lets get prepping!.#CSE 2023
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Still relevant this year ( for last week before mains )

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I want to express myself a bit here. This exam has sucked the absolute life out of me. I am unidentifiable to the person I was 2.5 years ago. 3-4 days back it was when my mother asked me what is the score that I realized an India-Pak cricket match was happening. Back in the day, I would feel nervous 10 days before the game. See all the matchup videos. Analyse the past records of the pitch where the game is scheduled and in many cases write a blog about it. I miss that version of myself badly. Yes, this exam demands sacrifice. But, I was not prepared for this. I have pretty much given up on my hobbies. It seems very cruel to realise that I gave up on things which taught me so much. I felt the same before last year's Mains. Now it is just piling up. Hopefully, I will feel better after writing this out. All the best everyone! One day at a time! 
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Every story has three parts – a beginning, a middle and an end. This part of our story – is the middle.

And I can tell you that there are no worse regrets in life than to have a story that only has a beginning and an end. And no middle.

Bask in these times, even if they look difficult.

Because this part of your life – this one – is your middle.

Rise. Like little Napoleons.

And conquer the world.

Kyunki, Apna time aaega

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All the best to everyone who's giving mains this year! Tata, that demonslayer guy, rashmirathi and 69 others. I wish you the best, pel ke Ana!
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Thank you Master.....All the best everyone :) 

DAF for APFC out.

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