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How do you take breaks when studying? Weekly or after 10 days?

So this is one problem that plagues all. Some people are rational and take breaks once every week, like Monday ( when no tests are to be written ). others go on studying without a break, until after 10-11 days, there is a breakdown and then they end up wasting3-4 days. Yet some people are able to study for 15-20 days with some 3-4 days unplanned break after that?

What do you do / end up doing?

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When I quit my job for full-time prep, I decided I’d treat every day as a Wednesday. 

This way I don’t have to fight:

(1) monday blues

(2) TGIF vibes. 

I later made an amendment and now keep Sunday as a Sunday. 

So, in a week I plan all my work as if I have 6 Wednesdays and 1 Sunday to test and rest. 

To make the prep sustainable:

* 1 complete sunday break, once a month. 

* 3-4 day break once a quarter. 

I feel the mindset of “I don’t have the liberty to take breaks / feel-bored“ helps a lot. 

I guess, sometimes the notion of I don’t have a choice helps make the right choice. Which is whatever you do that doesn’t kill your time.


Guys I need genuine advice and your help as we learn from other experience currently entered into depression and developed anxiety .

Just writing my heart out civil service was always my desired goal so that's I chose to do BA from a typical govt . college with history as I wanted to prepare for this exam as soon as possible. In our institute we don't have to go to classes we have have to just compete the assignment and go and write the exam at the end of year .

Completed degree in 2018 and appeared for UPSC 

2018@ - failed pre  (88 marks )

2019 failed pre  ( 90 marks )

2020 failed press inspite of getting 102 in GS due to csat (62 marks)

2021 again failed !

This was my fourth prelims and plethora of failure for me .

I don't know what to do as I have completed 25 last month and my mind has lost all faith in me .

Being from humble with dependent on parents it is taking toll on my health .

Would it would be wise to take a break and focus on other exam for stability .

I am just shattered with my performance . 

Can any Senior would help me out ?

Sounds like this is the real story of mine.

Thing is i am yet to qualify pre in any attempt. 

@Neyawn I know no one asked me for it, but I would like to give some feedback on the logo. Basically, I have pursued graphic designing, UI/ UX, logo making as a part of campus groups during my college days.. Did some internship as well in the design field. 

I also wanted to appreciate mgp and other brochures of forum, they reflect presence of some graphic design-aligned mind curating them. To a usual upsc aspirant these things will not matter but my mind takes me back to the old days when I spent hours figuring out alignment and color combinations in some logos, I worked on. 

Regarding, the logo.. I feel there's something odd which irks my minds. 
- With the arrow coming in the logo, 'IAS' in ForumIAS appears thin. Basically, arrrow, Forum and IAS have 3 different font styles which in my view breaks uniformity. 

I believe arrow and IAS, if they have similar styles or use of 2 font style instead of 3 will bring simplicity and uniformity. 

Apart from logo, I really feel the portal to show good mgp copies can be designed in a different manner:
Having links to ans copies of all toppers in one webpage >a webpage for every topper. 

Design can be very subjective and you may have your own reasons of why a particular thing was designed this way. 

I just wanted to express what I felt. 

@Neyawn one more addition in feedback on logo:

- red(arrow) isn't equal to red(IAS) 

Minor difference in color codes, but there's a difference I think. 

Sorry to break flow of the discussion. 😶 

@Lbsnaa2021 Take a break focus on other manageable exams like RBI grade B, Sebi grade A, or state psc or Any bank po exam. But do keep in mind that competition is insanely high in these exams. 


Well seeing my temperament  and prepartion level I have applied for Bpsc , ukpsc  and will focus on uppcs  2022 .

As this year it would be better to take a break and make myself sustainable .

Hoping something better this time in above exams in coming year 2022 !!

@Lbsnaa2021 It would not be wise to take break now because you will loose what you have gained. Don't think of anything else till UPSC 2023 interview result. There is no harm in writing other exams but don't focus because you can focus after 2023 interview result. Don't try to earn money or be independent. Your parents' money is your money. Spend without guilt. Best Wishes.

Hello..I missed joining SFG LEVEL 1 there any way I can be a part of it..I will surely join Sfg level 2..but don’t know what to do for level 1. I missed prelims twice by many marks.Really want to work for 2022 prelims.
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