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Incredible India: Facts & Case Studies

Bihar/ History

Historical places:

  1. Bodh Gaya:Gautama attained Enlightenment here
  2. Rajgir:Buddha taught the Perfection of Wisdom and subdued an angry elephant through his compassion.
  3. Vaishali:Buddha ordained the first female nuns and this is also the place where he received an offering of honey from a monkey.
  4. Sahasram, Barabar Caves:Minor Rock Edicts of Ashoka are here
  5. Lauriya-Araraj, Lauriya-Navandgarh:Major Pillar Edicts of Ashoka are here
  6. Takht Sri Patna Sahib:Birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh
  7. Nalanda University and Vikramshila University:2 most important centers of learning in Ancient India
  8. Vajji:It covered the modern North Bihar. It is indicated to have been a republic.
  9. Magadha:It covered South-western Bihar
  10. Anga:It covered South-eastern Bihar
  11. Buxar:Place where the Battle of Buxar took place in 1764.

Would also add:

Chirand: Near Chapra, Saran district. An archaeological site in Bihar with continuous records from Neolithic period to the reign of Pal dynasty in pre- medieval period.



I appeared at around 6th century AD. Chirand was far earlier than me! :P 

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