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I love the law, but seeing the questions and given the fact that the answers are written in 150-300 words, I think investing heavily in fat books are a waste. Dukkis are up to date, and they do the trick. If one can supplement answers with current events, I think Dukkis alone can do the trick. If one has conceptual clarity, the questions aren't that difficult.
Guys, has upsclawoptional stopped the free answer writing initiative? I can't find any booklets post 18th July.
@Coolcat95 It is updated, thanks! 

I joined their course today. I'm yet to receive access. I trusted you guys and your assessment. :) I hope y'all aren't asses. :P

@Patootie they take time to make the customizations as per our requirements.. Took 2 days in my case after I filled the registration form. 

Yeap, they came back to me. It does look really promising so far. First test next Sunday!

1.1k views notes are very average, nothing extraordinary. You cannot substitute them for your books. Dukkis are the bare minimum you need to read, and there is no getting around that.

Some of their notes are extremely outdated. For example, Plea Bargaining notes do not mention the CrPC. Evaluation is okay, quite detailed. However, more emphasis is given on presentation rather than content. I do not get the feeling that the evaluators are updated on recent developments. Quite bookish.

Test series does not have new questions, but only PYQs. PYQs are extremely relevant during preparation; if you can be honest with your prep and do them on time, nothing like it. Otherwise, through their test series, you can cover them. 

Lol. Of course the marketing team would know best. Whatever you say. :)

@Neyawn @root, some major marketing going on here! 


Being a law graduate from a top NLU and having law optional, I have been a regular observer in this thread. Being an enrolled student with and being immensely benefited by their notes and test series, I thought it would be wrong to remain silent without clarifying certain things:-

1. The way all of a sudden you two started reacting it seems in fact both of you are acting at the instance of some coaching institute whose business has been impacted. All the while this thread has been a platform for exchange of views, lets keep it that way.

2. Viraj1692...few weeks ago u had posted that you are a geography student thinking to shift to law. All of a sudden how come you have known so much about law coaching? And why did you delete your earlier posts? Be honest bro...

3. its only enrolled students who visit their site regularly. U said u r not enrolled. How do you know the site takes hours to open? Strange...

For me it takes 25-30 seconds sometimes even 40 -50 secs as its a content heavy site. Dnt expect a coaching website to use advanced techs like FB, Google, youtube which opens in a flash.

4. I myself wrote their full lengh tests and found questions asked touching SC judgements delivered 4-5 days back. And for your kind information the full length tests are nowhere uploaded in advance. Please get your facts correct. Dnt spread such trash without even being an enrolled student. How do you know what all are there in the dashboard?

5. Having appeared in Mains I wrote GS tests from Vision. I can vouch that their evaluation is much much better so far as law in concerned. I can now write much better answers than I could 6 mnths back. 

6. @viraj1692: Can u plz disclose the foundational questions which the founder could not answer? I have got many concepts cleared by him and i found him very inspiring and thorough...has to be...he is a NLU grad and scored very well in law optional...a teacher is always a teacher....good, bad...indifferent. dnt write half baked things...we are still aspirants...dnt know whether we ll even clear prelims this year. Btw dnt mind if I can ask...Have you cleared Prelims and wrote Mains at least once?

7. I regret that you found them to be in 2015-16 era. Go through their current affairs modules once You enrol. 

8. The Revision Notes which is a summary of the Main notes is not meant for writing answers...its only for last minute revision. Did you think you will write answers from the Revision Notes? What did you mean...I wish law was so easy...  

9. I agree with @patootie ...that some of the modules require upgradation. Having gone through all the modules by now I can say such modules are very few in number. At the same time there are many modules where very recent 2020 judgments have also been included. Having struggled with law optional fr 1.5 years, I still found their Notes to be the best for Mains, where time management is a much bigger challenge than super duper content. 

10. I disagree that their evaluation is bookish and outdated. In my last Mains and even 6 mnths back I use to write essay type long answers. Its only Ghosh Sir, who taught me how to convert every answer in Charts, diagrams and flowcharts and thereby save time. He is much in tune with the requirements of the Main Exam. He has helped me a lot in developing my answers...I have every reason to acknowledge that in public.  

I know I ll face attacks on the allegation of marketing. But then...whatever I have narrated here is 100% true and enrolled students will agree. as on date doesnt even appear in google, forget about FB, Telegram etc etc. This shows that they spend 0 for marketing. When I decided to enrol, this is what impressed me the most. 

This is also the reason why I wrote this long post speaking on behalf of them. 

Please dont believe anyone or any post even my post above. Verify and assess everything for yourself.



Guys, if you are gonna be marketing your product, you need to learn to be less obvious about it lol. :P


@Patootie Any reviews for chrome ias law optional test series (Ruchika Ma'am)? 

Also, if you know about any other institute providing test series for law or any other way to go about answer writing please share the same! 

No idea mate.

PYQs are the key, as far as I can understand. Still need to sit and chart out a proper plan.


It's very usual that people start preparing their optional even before there 1st attempt as I have done. And going fr 2 institutes is also very normal. Dnt know why a genuine comment pinched u so much. 

I can see has taken away business from many established Institutes. :sweat_smile:

There r others also here @Joeyisthebest . .. Geography novish advising on law...things r clear...Join hands to save ur businesses. 

Students r smart enough to make choices of their own. 

This is hilarious. What's a novish?

@Viraj1692 Nirvana does not have online option. I am not preparing for Delhi. any idea about Ambition? Their website seems to be weird! 

Will see the book once. 
Thanks for sharing. 

Upsclawoptional has Topic-wise PYQs on their website. Pretty decent categorisation. 

Guys, there are two books of SK Kapoor International Law- one is the thick one and the other one is small. Which one are you relying upon?

The Nutshell doesn't do the job for a lot of PYQs, although it gives you an idea. Personally, I do a mix of Shaw and the Nutshell, basis PYQs.