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Mains 2022 - All Papers PDF + R**** Rona + Paper Discussion

GS 1 Dekh ke lag rha pcs ki preparation start Krna chahiye XD
GS 2 conventional laga

mujhe to Sab Unconventional lag rha aajkal. Ek to qsn dekh ke vomit krne ka Maan kar rha. I don't know much but I feel Quality of qsns asked has declined like the quality of economic survey :p


One thing I can say with a little responsibility (I have believed this since a long time though) is that Vision 365 is a complete waste of time for those who need short notes to internalise content (Like me)

Not only UPSC, but any paper won't ask the topics that they have been dumping in the previous 2-3 years. The quality of content is also poor (again saying this with a sense of responsibility)

Those massive booklets have only 3-5 important issues which can anyway be prepared through Test series - I2U2 etc (Reverse engineering).

Another reason I believe for that may be UPSC scanning the popular content booklets both for prelims as well as Mains 

I may be wrong in future and I am no authority to pass verdicts but Vision 365 has had very very low output ratio in both Prelims & Mains in all my 4 attempts at this exam. Just want some new entrants reading this to consider this alternate opinion as well because I know people keeping everything aside to just read these booklets. They are NOT AT ALL SACROSANCT (Also don't ask which magazine to read please :P) 

Shi pakde hain.

Qsn paper aisa aata hai since last 3 years that it feels you are writing the paper not after years of preparation but impromptu,  making up stuff on the go. Also not to talk about the huge difference between the content that we puke during test series and the content we end up actually writing during exam 馃ぃ

Troposhere me kya likha 15 no. Ke liye , sects to kbhi pde hi nhi , strait wale me bhi 15 no. Kese likha..margdarshan kijiye
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Maybe I can help you with strait wala question. 

  • Define straits
  • Write few straits and their linkages with international trade :-
    Hormuz- oil
    Bab-el-mandeb - difficulty in trade due to piracy
    bosphorus, dardanalles - quote the recent weaponisation of trade in context of Russia-Ukraine conflict
    Malacca - quote Chinese Malaccan dilemma
    Davis strait
    Gibraltar strait
  • Draw the map showing these straits.

  • Define Isthumus
  • Give examples of isthumus of Panama- trade + Revenue for Panama
  • Give example of how China is trying to build a canal through isthumus of Kra (Thailand) to overcome her Malaccan dilemma.
  • Draw a map showing these isthumus. 
    (I didnt have many examples for isthumus, so drew the map little larger xD)

    So far as Troposphere is concerned, waha jo bhi pata hai troposphere ka likh diya, highlighting some keywords - jet stream, advection, normal lapse rate, cloud formation, etc. 
    Baki sect wale ques ka answer padh kar toh examiner will have a laugh :3

GOod attempt.

Ab globalisation and tech wale par bhi prakaash daaliye sbhi log


Same question how are people spending their time right now?

Any movie/series suggestions are also welcome.

bad sisters tv series shi lagi



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Relationship between Globalization and new technology in a world of scarce resources, with special reference to India.

1) Define Globalization

2) Define New Technology

3) Can explain in general about FDI and it's impact on the economy.

4) Can explain about the impact of Green Revolution and Operation Flood.

5) Can explain about 4G, social media, e-commerce and it's impact on Indian economy.

6) Can explain a bit / slightly about the downside (competition to the domestic industry, Mechanization of labour etc)

7) Can conclude positively with a balanced opinion.

The only thing could think of was 

-shortage of financial resources - helped by development of electronic markets that enable movement of funds at click.

- scarcity of teachers and doctors - telemedicine, moocs, 

- shortage of skilled human resources in IT sector has allowed india to emerge as an exporter of software engineers , and also made india an outsourcing hub.

- diffusion of Indian traditional knowledge through mobement of diaspora in form of yoga, ayurveda opened up opportunities to tap new markets.

- emergence of gig economy and platform economy owes to globalisation and new tech - helping in bridging unemployment  

And so on 

But it doesn't ever feel that demand of qsn has been met and i have understood the qsn well. Qsn ko unpack kese Krna hai ye sikhao koi 馃槄 i think content to fir apne aap nikal ke aata 


Today, despite a decade and a half of democratic erosion and recession, the picture is much brighter. About half of all countries are democracies, and even where authoritarian regimes predominate, opinion polls show broad popular support for democracy and the rule of law.Hence, most governments that are not democratic believe their legitimacy depends on claiming that they are. The gap between their claims and reality renders them vulnerable. Even if they are dissatisfied with democratic politicians and institutions, most people would still rather live in a democracy that offers protection for their rights. They want a democracy that is real and that works. The autocracies of the world鈥擟hina, Egypt, Iran, and Russia, not to mention Venezuela and Zimbabwe and their unfolding calamities鈥攆ace severe challenges precisely because of their lack of accountability and open debate. All this suggests that the Zeitgeist can shift back in favor of democracy.But it won鈥檛 do so on its own. It requires American power, and a renewal of America鈥檚 democratic purpose at home and abroad. 

- Larry Diamond , All democracy is global. 

What's the alternative to feedly? A place where I can read the all editorials at one place?

I haven't used feedly but if you want to save , tag, and highlight articles then Firefox pocket does the job. All your saved articles will be at one place.




good morning all

As i promised with u all that i will share my strategy how i cracked rbi mains

As most of you know about RBI so I don鈥檛 think I need to tell you about the level of exam but it鈥檚 not unpredictable like UPSC. u can easily sail through with good mindset and strategy.

Every exam has its own pattern and standard and need a different level of preparation.

 The people who cracked RBI Grade B also the aspirant like us things which make them different is their determination, consistency and their smart work.

In today's competitive environment not only hard work reqd. but it need smart work also.

the whole exam is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase-1 (Preliminary Test)-Objective type
  • Phase-2(mains)-Objective and Descriptive (English only)
  • Phase-3 Interview
  • The initial 2 phases prelims and mains are computer based written exam 
  • The first phase is just qualifying nature only u just need to clear the cut-off and get the ticket of mains .
  • prelims involves4 subjectsQA, Reasoning, English and GA with banking awareness ( mostly current based)
  • Having sectional cut-off and overall cut-off too.
  • let's discuss prelims phase (today i will discuss about gs strategy)
  • 1. general awareness:
  • most important and most scoring section of this exam if you score 50+ in this section then you just need to clear only sectional cut-off of other sections.
  • Topics which mostly asked in this sections are related to RBI, Banking news and banking terms, Govt. schemes, current Affairs (of 6 month is enough) Economy, finance news, static Gk etc.let me tell you my strategy to score high in GA and what to read where to prepareas I scored 74.5 in this section.
  • firstly this subject u can't prepare in a single day or in a week. In this subject u need to give daily time.
  • How to prepare this section:
  • Read 鈥淭he Hindu鈥 or 鈥淭he Indian express  newspaper daily
    • Read and note down current affairs and static GK
    • Read important latest circulars of RBI from its official site 
    • and for rbi ( go through FAQ section given at the end)
    • where to read:
    • Where to read:-
      1.Current Affairs:-BA鈥檚 daily GK Update, The Hindu review weekly Tonics and Quizzes,specially The Hindu Quiz and revision classes are beneficial.
      2.Economic & finance news- online news paper (Economic Times, business Line) or blogs.
      3.The Hindu- you can read it from official site or App or you can prefer BA鈥檚 monthly The
      Hindu Review
      4.Static GK- BA鈥檚 static Sections
      5.Govt. Schemes- vision ias magazine or shankar IAS compilation
      6.gk today( YouTube )

Thanks for this..... Phase 2 ka bhi batana can it be prepared from scratch in 1 month after phase 1? 

Prelims is most likely on 1 April and mains on 6 may. So you wont be getting one full month for preparation assuming you will also appear for cse prelims. Abhi se start Karna pdega.

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