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Mission Mains 2020: GS 1

This is for those of you who are planning to write Mains 2020. Primarily, the agenda of this thread would be 

1. Answer Writing Practice

2. Sharing examples - anecdotes from Current affairs relevant for Answer writing

3. Any doubts wrt. Paper 1!

Feel free to pool in your suggestions!

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1. Do we have cultural pockets of small India all over the nation? Elaborate with examples. 15 marks.2019

2. Are we losing our local identity for the global identity? Discuss. 15 Marks.


Conquer said

@upsc2020 Took a lot more time than what is required : 14 min, Please review it.

The introduction is good. 

The points you've covered are relevant, however, I feel you've consumed a lot of word limit explaining one point. As a result of which, you are not having many points. 

Other points can be:

1. Accommodative nature and inclusive character - different races have assimilated 

2. Social structures enforced to ensure continuity - Resonancewith the Indian society's politico-economic ethos

3. Heritage continued through literature, paintings, knowledge passed on through Vedas (Shruti/Smriti), epics, folklore, regional literature, music etc. 

Just a suggestion, you can avoid this mindmap style for answer writing. Consumes too much space and reduces clarity. 

Hope this helps. 

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@upsc2020 Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Agog said

@upsc2020 @TheNotorious @rashiv plz suggest smthing

Good answer, covered basic points well. Suggestions:-

1. It’ll be convenient if you uploaded picture after rotating it

2. Introduction- enrich your introduction by adding background of the act. In the backdrop of swadeshi movement and mounting pressure on britishers, the Morley Minto reforms occurred. 

3. Body- just add a point of provisioning of 1 Indian in executive council (Satyendra Sinha)-> was to confuse moderates by giving illusion of representation 

4. Conclusion- add a good point of the reform too. It was a step towards increasing representation of Indians and their powers to keep a check on the legislators. 

upsc2020, Agog

Conquer said

Your answer is good. Some value addition:

In terms of diversity, India has Linguistic, Religious, Racial, Ethnic Diversity. 

Diversity also exists in forms of traditions, festivals, Handicrafts, Food etc. By cultural pockets, the question essentially wants us to highlight how one single place reflects culture of various regions. 

1. Kerala - Religious diversity Hindus, Christians, Muslims etc. 

2. Bangalore, Hyderabad - Due to IT companies, a lot of settlers from other states. 

3. Mumbai - Bollywood is a huge employment generator and aspiring artists from all over the country have formed their own pockets.

4. Delhi - it's a city of migrants- Mini India. CR park for example - only Bongs. They have settled and formed their own pockets. 

Eg: Momos - there's nothing Mughal about it. The migration introdcued this diversity in food to Delhi. 

Celebration of Chatt in Delhi which is a Bihari Festival

5. Guwahati/Kolkata - Marwari community migrated long back for business prospects and have settled there. (You've mentioned this with colonialism, mentioning it with a city will add more credence, as the question wants us to quote examples)

6. Government services, postings, transfers - families keep shifting taking their own culture everywhere and adopting the new. 

7. Students migrating for education and then job prospects and subsequently rise in Inter caste, inter region, inter religion marriages. 


Agog said

@upsc2020 @TheNotorious @rashiv plz suggest smthing

Good answer. 

You met the demand of the question as the question asks about negative areas, you mentioned the negative areas. 

You could have also used one line or two to highlight the positives of the 1909 act like it gave powers to ask supplementary questions, inclusion of Satyendra Prasad Sinha and likewise.

Also, under how this reform affected national unity, you can mention that this reform led to legalisation of communalism, a reason why Minto came to be known as Father of Communal Electorate.

P.S.- I’m seriously pleased to see you writing in full and complete sentences/words rather than typing in a style of fuckin’ Orkut era.😭😆

upsc2020, Agog
Whch countries/regions r amongst the largest producers of pharmaceuticals and why?Why s India unable 2 do the same?

Agog said

Whch countries/regions r amongst the largest producers of pharmaceuticals and why?Why s India unable 2 do the same?

World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Exporters

1. Germany: $84.7 billion

2. Switzerland: $71.7 billion

3. United States: $49.7 billion

4. Belgium: $45.7 billion

5. Ireland: $40 billion

India is at 11th position.



India is on a positive trajectory. India accounts for 60 percent of global vaccine production. Estimates suggest that one in every three pills consumed in the United States is produced by an Indian generics manufacturer. 

Challenges impacting the industry are:

1. Dependence on intermediary substances and  active Pharmaceutical Ingredients on China - any policy change, price escalations etc have negative impact on Indian Pharmaceutical industry. Close to 85% APIs sourced from China.

2. Lack of SEZs, favorable tax incentives, capital subsidies, innovation, regulations on clinical trials have prevented India from growing her own API industry. Number of students involved in innovation and R&D for pharma is very low in India compared to USA.

3. Indian drugs face high scrutiny by USFDA - difficult to maintain quality complaince while supplying to international markets. 

Government constituted the Katoch committee to make recommendations on reducing the dependence of Indian industry on imported APIs. Mandaviya committee was also formed for the same in 2018. Subsequently, the government plans to establish three bulk drug parks at Punjab, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh through PPP.

Indian government had also begun “Pharma Vision 2020” with the goal of systematising processes, so that India could become the world leader in end-to-end production of pharmaceutical products.

Agog, TheNotorious
Q. "Political boundaries and regional boundaries need to be co-terminus.” Do you agree?
India Missing Females: Among the 142 million women “missing" globally, over 46 million are in India. According to the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency (UNFPA), the “missing females" are women cumulatively missing from the population due to postnatal and prenatal sex selection.

The State of World Population 2020 report of UNFPA said India has the highest rate of excess female deaths (13.5 per 1,000 female births), suggesting that an estimated one in nine deaths of females below five may be attributed to postnatal sex selection.
Q. "Political boundaries and regional boundaries need to be co-terminus.” Do you agree?

@upsc2020 previous year question?

Communalism : 

1. Communalism arises either due to power struggle or relative deprivation. Argue by giving suitable illustrations. 2018 (15 marks)

2. Distinguish between religiousness/religiosity and communalism giving one example of how the former has got transformed into the latter in independent India. 2017
Q. Discuss whether formation of new states in recent times is beneficial or not for the economy of India. (Answer in 250 words) 15 
hi. i be want of maximum marsk in all gs papers. i want to be like all the great people here. 
hi. i be want of maximum marsk in all gs papers. i want to be like all the great people here. 

We too are trying. Join the bandwagon. 


Your handwriting is so pleasing, soothing to the eyes that I honestly first just admired that. 

Arguments For : Better governance in terms of mobilization of resources, govt interaction, Higher economic growth, improvement in the social parameters like per capita income, literacy rate.

+ Studies have shown that there is marked increase in economic activity immediately across the border in the new states. School enrolment also increases, suggesting greater investment in human capital. 

+ Public Affairs Index 2018 reveals that all the four states divided fare better than their mother states.

In arguments against , you can quote examples 

Bihar Jharkhand - you have a new state but now JH doesn't know how to deal with the natural resources. 

There is a need to balance two factors when thinking about the viability of smaller states: economies of scale and social heterogeneity. When the diversity effect becomes greater than the scale effect, there is an economic case for a smaller state.

yummy, Villanelle
@upsc2020 Thanks for the inputs, I knew I was missing out on content for this one.

About my handwriting - Lol no, I hope that was sarcasm. Nobody has talked positively about it ever. I barely try to keep it legible. :D

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