Nightbird vs Early risers - What sort of person are you?

We all have to study at odd hours. Some people stay awake at night, others wake up early. What sort of person are you?

#1 Nightbird or early riser?

#2 If so ,what are you sleep / waking up timings?

#3 What are your reasons?

Post You comments :)

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Sleep at around 10-10:30 pm without an alarm and wakeup sometime around 6-6:30 am

Reasons -

Koro needs the beauty sleep

Also less importantly, well rested days seem more productive than the ones I force with alarms.

Pay heed to your circadian rhythm and do what works best, consistently.

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Throughout my life in all exams I was an early riser but last 6 months had changed me. But on a given day, when I start early I do wonders. Hoping to get back in the morning mode.. So yes early riser and love to wake up without alarm.
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it goes like these 2 ways since I joined the job:-

1. 10:00-10:30 sleep & wake up at 5:00/5:30/6:00

2. 12:00 sleep & wake up 5:30/6:00/6:30

right now :D

sleep anytime 11:00/11:30/12:00/12:30/1:00/1:30/2:00

wake up max up to 5:30 (the problem is I can't sleep, if I try hard to sleep more, it results in whole day headache.)

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My answer would be complicated and may create doubts,nevertheless it is wat i have done n doing.

I have to divide the timeline into 4 phases for labeling my personification. 

  1. Pre corona(Dec to March 13th): When everything is normal and when sfg was in offline,i used to follow one schedule sleep early wake up early.
  2. Post Corona till june last week:I became nightbird(not that i was studing all night,but used most time to study)
  3. Interim period July to Aug:No sleep cycle as such,one day i was a night walker,other day i was a early riser.
  4. At presnt,from aug:Sleeping early n starting day early.Ensuring 9am to 12pm for solving tests or any pyq sleep cycle is 11 30 to 6. Reason for this cycle is to become exam ready n wanted to make D day as same like its previous day.

Ps:Now a days,im focusing more on Area based approach rather than time based. ( this days we can clock upto 10 to 12hrs).

At present scenario,I declare myself as 

"Sun Riser".

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I am also an early riser from few months. Mainly from the dec when sfg began. It took 1 hour to reach  KB. So I got into the habit of getting up early.. revise travel and give test. This definitely worked in my favour. I realised it's more productive for me. 

Then I again shifted to night study person. 

So nowadays - 

I usually get up at 4. Everybody sleeping at home so it is less disturbance for me then. 

Also I take a nap sometimes in the afternoon for an hour or two. 

However, I am sleeping late nowadays. Working on my sleep cycle. Last year I messed up my pre exam also because I had only slept for two hours the day before exam. 

So I plan to sleep by 11 -12 or so. But somehow it gets extended to 1 or 2. Afternoon naps become necessary then. 

But I will be breaking this cycle. Will sleep early. Cant be in sleepy mindset at Csat time :p 

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early riser

consistent sleeping pattern 10:30-6

reason: circadian rhythm has always been like that 

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Early riser. I try to sleep between 11pm to 1 am. Then 7 hours of sleep. 


1.  At my home, everyone is awake by hardly 5 am. They give me an allowance of max 2 hours, ie upto 7am. By then everyone has tea, so they wake me up.

2. My efficiency at night is very low. So, I try to sleep early. 

If I struggle in sleeping, then I use guided meditation for sleep (from Fitbit app).

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  • My sleep cycle is 6:30 am to 12:30 pm.
  • REASON- throughout my education phase, nights were my productive study time. (i studied at residential school, so nightbird from those days.)
  • So, for UPSC preparation I again picked the same study time.
  • But 1 month before prelims I'm gonna change my sleep cycle to 12 am to 5 am, so that I could practice some mocks as per the timings of  D-day. ( 4 September onwards)
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#1 Not a nightbird, not an early riser too.
#2 Sleep during 12:30 AM- 06:30 AM.
#3 Reasons- A) Library closes at 11 PM. Want to stay till the end. Better to study when awake than to struggle in waking up in the early morning. 
B) This has been lifestyle since early childhood.
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I sleep like 3 AM to 8 AM.  Rest all time into studies with 15 minutes of photography , 15 minutes of evening walk and an hour of social media / debate !! 

I get around 16 hours for study , 12 hours daily is must . Rest 4 hours vary completely.  In those 4 hours , I may take power Naps , read novels , play guitar , or just surf through random financial news and happenings around world coz I love Economics ..

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🥺 my sleep cycle is blunder. My only focus has always been on meeting my deadlines so I sleep in chunks and I wake up out of fear that I might lose something. This has been with me post schooling. So yes I am not good example. 

But you guys are so well lined up and I envy you all :sweat_smile: 

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#1 Neither.

#2 Sleep at around midnight, wake up at around 7 am, no alarms needed. I need at least 7 hours of sleep or I have headaches throughout the day. 

#3 Always followed the same schedule throughout school and college so the body clock is set that way. 

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Night owl always. 

Studying at night gives a sense of urgency & a feeling that one is actually doing something substantial in life. 

But I don't wake up late. I believe in sleeping happily during the timing of CSAT paper. :grin:

And this is a bad habit of sleeping during the day. 2nd half of Mains Papers has always been a headache for me. Nevertheless, for me that 1-2 hour sleep in the day time is pure bliss. 

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Smack in the middle. I’m what you’d call the basic bitch of sleep cycles. 
Wake up between 8:00 to 9:00 am. Mostly 9:00. 
Sleep by 12:00 to 1:00 am. Mostly 1:00. 
I cannot for the life of me study after dinner if not for literally screaming and explaining things to myself which, might I add, is very effortful and tiring. 
And the wake up time because mother dearest wakes me up so I timed myself to her schedule. 
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Have to be in bed for 7 hours at least for a productive tomorrow, so whenever I Sleep, I tell my alarm(ma) to wake me up after 7 hours minimum. 
Post-Lockdown, Usually sleep between 1-2 am. Earlier was a morning person as I had a personal commitment to be at the library by 7 o clock.
Do not like studying at odd hours. Feels something wrong inside! IDK Why!
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#1. Neither of the two. Middle path.

#2. Sleep at 1.30 and wake up in between 8 to 9 am.

#3. Reason: Zyada raat ki apni dikkatein hain, subah jaldi ki apni. So middle path. 😁

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I hate mornings. I do not like sunrise. I operate better in the wee hours. Circadian rhythm is lopsided. I tend to adjust it right about two weeks before the exam. 
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I sleep 7-8 hrs, usually between 11-12 pm and 7-8 am. Never studied at odd hours before, few exceptions though but not in a sustainable manner. Two things I've come to know about myself. One, I study best in the morning hours. Two, I struggle at studying if I start again after a long break.

So, I must start early and sit for long hours with short breaks in between. Progressive loading is the way I guess. Going to change my sleep schedule gradually and be an early riser.

Today is an exception :-p

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1.Late early riser

2.sleep around 12.30;wakeup around 8.30

3.I do not keep alarm,I left it to my brain whenever it wants to naturally getsup after 8 hrs of sleep.8hrs of sleep found to be useful in retaining the things better.

However earlier i also tried studying at night, initially went well but later suffered with acidity.

Rising up early is good for health,can able to have Breakfast,lunch and Dinner on perfect time.

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