[OFFICIAL] SFG 2021 | Level 3 | The Last SFG for Prelims 2021 | Details and Important Announcements | Updated 1st August @6:30 PM - ForumIAS

[OFFICIAL] SFG 2021 | Level 3 | The Last SFG for Prelims 2021 | Details and Important Announcements | Updated 1st August @6:30 PM

SFG 2021 - Level 3 : The Last SFG for Prelims 2021

Dear Students, 

As we enter the 3rd year of SFG – Select Focus Group – one of our most innovative programs for successfully cracking the Prelims Examination. Based on your feedback, we continuously innovate and update our programs, keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the Civil Services Examination, the rising standards of Civil Services preparation, and increasing competition – partly because of capacity development and fast-paced self-learning programs like SFG. 

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Update #8

Instructions for attempting the SFG 2021 - Level 3 tests:


The tests will go live strictly at7 AMand will get auto-submitted at8 AM.

Update #7

Results declared for SFG 2021 - Level 3

Results for SFG 2021 - Level 3 has been declared, please check if you are selected for Select Focus Group (SFG) or Reserve List Group (RLG).

Ranklist for SFG 2021 - Level 3:https://go.forumias.com/529

Payment link for students selected in SFG (Select Focus Group) - Rs. 2400 + GST (18%) per month


Payment link for students selected in RLG (Reserve List Group) - Rs. 2900 + GST (18%) per month


Note: Deadline for accepting the fees is 31st July by 5 PM. After that fees will not be accepted


Update #6

Registrations for SFG 2021 - Level 3 are now closed. If you have missed the registration for any genuine reasons, you can fill up this form below, and our team will reach out to you. No phone calls or emails will be entertained apart from the form below.

Click here:https://go.forumias.com/528


Update #5

Instructions for attempting the SFG 2021 - Level 3 Entrance test:


The test will be conducted in Online mode on 25th July at 09:30 AM in the morning.

Update #4

The detailed exam plan (Calender) for SFG 2021 - Level 3 is now available. 

You can see the detailed plan - https://go.forumias.com/sfglevel3-calender


Update #3

Syllabus of Entrance test for SFG 2021 – Level 3:Candidates can expect 30 questions distributed across History, Polity, Economy, Environment, Science & Technology, International Relations and Geography. Further 10 questions will be from Current Affairs of May, June and July months of 2021 and 10 questions from CSAT.


Update #2

Entrance Test Date - 25th July 2021

Registration Link - https://go.forumias.com/525


Update #1

SFG 2021 Level 3 - Calendar Released - 20th July | 08:00 PM


SFG – How it works 

              • Select Focus Group (SFG) is a small group of students who are selected by ForumIAS every year for coaching them to clear the UPSC Prelims Examination. Every single candidate selected and retained consistently in the group with Top ranks has cleared the Prelims examination in the past.
              • 100 Students will be selected for the Select Focus Group, through the SFG Entrance Test, who will be required to report at 7AM every day 6 days a week to write an hour-long test based on a pre-planned syllabus, followed by a discussion on the same. 
              • Candidates who are unable to make it to the SFG will be maintained in a Reserve List, who can also write the tests. 
              • Tests are conducted daily and results are provided within 8 hours of test with a Name and Rank list for candidates and parents to evaluate their daily performance. 
              • All candidates writing the CSE 2021 are eligible to apply for the entrance test. 

              SFG Level 3 - The Last SFG for Prelims 2021 

              The SFG Level 3 is a 40-day capsule program with the following objectives:

              • Developing problem-solving skills for solving analytical, conceptual and thought based questions. 
              • Developing skills to solve questions based on the application of the reading that they have done for Level 1 and Level 2. 
              • Mastering the art of handling questions from unknown areas and applying concepts from their wider reading which is relevant for the Civil Services Prelims Examination. 
              • Developing time management skills, and being through with the syllabus 
              • Providing a reliable, time-bound framework for revision just before the examination. 


              Application Procedure 

              • The program will commence from 2nd August, admission to which will be entrance based. The Entrance Test will be conducted on 25th July. The results of the Entrance Test will be announced the next day i.e. 26th July. 
              • Admission to the SFG and RLG are based on the rank of the candidate in the merit list of the SFG Entrance Test. Students can apply for the program by registering for the Entrance Test by paying a fee of Rs. 500+ GST. Candidates can register by visiting https://go.forumias.com/525. The candidate must appear for the entrance test on the designated date and time, subsequent to which he/she will be admitted to the Select Group or the Reserve List. 

              • The candidate must pay the program fee as per the group he/she is allocated. 

              Note:   Admissions to the SFG / RLG Group will only be on the basis of the merit position of the candidate in the entrance test. The Entrance Test will be held on 25th July. Candidates must register for the SFG Entrance Test by visiting https://go.forumias.com/525. No admission will be granted to the candidate without appearing for the Entrance Test. 

              Fee Structure and Details: 

              The course duration is about 40 days and fees will be charged after your selection to the SFG/RLG list. Fees for the full duration of the program is to be paid before 1st August. 

              Important Dates:

              SFG 2021 Level 3 - Calendar Released - 20th July | 08:00 PM

              Entrance Test – 25th July 2021 | 9:30 AM 

              Result of Entrance Test - 26th July 2021 | 05 PM

              Last Date for Fee Payment – 1st August 

              Program Commencement – 2nd August 


              Wishing You Success, 


              ForumIAS Academy 

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              Have you got question paper and solution?

              https://forumias.com/page/ForumIAS-Academy   can you please inform whether the solutions to the entrance test will be provided or not

              Daily sfg test will be in online mode or offline mode? Please clarify.

              @forumiasacademy @Neyawn    Please consider including current affairs topic-wise rather than month-wise. 

              @Joeyisthebest they are covering from both angle.
              Have u gone through the schedule?

              @DM I did but would prefer subject-wise more, both the times! Its just a request. 

              @ForumIAS-Academy It was said that people who are having MPPCS on entrance test date will be accommodated on later date. But now I have received e-mail to get into RLG. Why not 2nd entrance test is being conducted as always ? 


              Can you reschedule the exam for those who are writing MP PSC exam on 25th??

              Please register and drop a message to helpdesk@forumias.academy

              It was said that people who are having MPPCS on entrance test date will be accommodated on later date. But now I have received e-mail to get into RLG. Why not 2nd entrance test is being conducted as always ?



              SFG Test 3 answer PDF and response sheet are still awaited. Why aren't they being released?

              Please clarify if simulators are included in SFG

              edit : Includes Simulator. Calendar xlsx sheet has been updated. 


              @Neyawn @forumiasacademy  This is gross injustice and violation of equality of opportunity in not letting merit decide a seat for SFG and RLG. Why are people with genuine requests not being considered for SFG? Forum has a reputation of being student friendly and i hope it continues to be like that. Please reconsider your decision.

              How can old CGP students avail the discount on SFG level 3?
              before prelims we are all supposed to revise the same material multiple times besides once reading monthly magazine and then full year subjectwise current affairs won’t be as useful. Kindly consider including subjectwise full current affairs. Monthly in the middle is confusing 


              Hello guys and I got to know about this SFG in the time when level 2 was going on. I am a fresher and this would be my first attempt. How could I use this SFG level 3 for my prelims. 

              1) read the topics which are going to ask in the tomorrow's exam 


              2)as Mr Ayush Sinha said that write the exam and then prepare the list (#vlog1)




              @ForumIAS-Academy  Any chance of being offline 

              We are doing it online only as of now. The offline call will be taken if any orders from govt come changing the current status. Also more than that, in offline mode more than 1000+ candidates may end up writing tests, we don’t want to be ones who put at risk so many people. Even if it’s not fatal, some of our students have reported long term impacts and weakness for months.

              Got your point 😊, but I was not asking about appearing in the entrance test, wanted to know if the program can be offline, or atleast if you can allow collecting question paper at 7 am from the centre. 

              Not asking for any exception here, just want to know if it's possible. 

              Considering this actively.

              Any update, on this consideration. 

              Will we be provided ranklist similar to entrance test whether we attempt the test or not? 
              Will we be provided ranklist similar to entrance test whether we attempt the test or not? 



              @forumiasacademy my name is missing from the pdf, though I have scored 62 marks. Any reason? Should I go for the payment irrespective whether it's mentioned or not?

              Can anybody tell me where I can find notes for Science and tech static/basics for prelims?
              @AJBubbles have u gone through NCERT class 6th -10th?



              I was busy in office work so forgot to pay the fees during pre decided payment window. I.e 5 PM of 31 July. 

              Should I pay the fees now or should I wait for official confirmation from the forum's management ?


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