[Official] Interview Preparation for CSE 2019-20

Hello All,

I am starting this thread for Interview Preparation for CSE 2019 examination.

We created a group last year over Telegram, but the issue with the Telegram group is that we have lost out on all the conversations of the past year. That is the most valuable asset that we have and that which can be passed on to next year candidates.

P.S. All Interview Transcripts have now been compiled at the below link so that we can search for board members, profile, toppers scripts etc.


Let's do this!

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How many mocks are required before the final interview @Neyawn ? (Minimum) 

This is completely subjective. In my opinion go for at least 3 - 5 Mocks. Whatever you do, that is no matter how many mocks you take follow two principles

One, collect as many questions as possible from every mock. Write down questions asked after each mock. Don't leave it to memory. All the people I know who prepared well and predictably ( and not accidentally ) got good ranks were the ones who did this.

Two, decide one or two places from which you will take feedback. At all other places, mock is to be used for the purpose of collecting questions. If you take feedback from everyone, chances are you wont end up following anyone.

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Has no one cleared from this thread ? :(

@root I have qualified 

jack_Sparrow, Amonga

@Sultan How are you planning to prepare this year? I have  ot fared in the last years interview . Got 140 marks Bhonsale Sir Board.

Which all mocks are you planning ? Are you in Delhi?

root said

Has no one cleared from this thread ? :(

I have also cleared Sir. I am out side Delhi because of some emergency issues. Will be coming back in first week of February.

Dear All,

Here I am sharing Important Interview Material Vol-1 for CSE-2019.

click the below link to download:


Dear All,

Here I am sharing Important Interview Material Vol-1 for CSE-2019.

click the below link to download:


Thank you @Apti_Plus 

But if you keep posting it everywhere, your account will be suspended. Make sure that same link is not posted more than once.

Dear All,

Here I am sharing Important Interview Material Vol-1 for CSE-2019.

click the below link to download:



@TwoFace It is my first interview.  I will try to give maximum mocks with coaching classes.
I will take mocks with ForumIAS, Vajirao and Reddy, IASHub, NextIAS, Vajiram and KSG
yes I am in Delhi.

Posting here interview transcript of Aparajita. , 201 marks in interview and rank is about 82 or so

Bhosle sir board 


Afternoon session

Fifth to go 

Entered, wished chairman and then all members.  Sat down. Sir told me to bring chair closer to the table. Did so. Asked me to feel. Comfortable.. Explained me the process.  


1. How are you feeling dr aparajita?  This is rare opportunity that i am asking a doctor this as usually doctors ask how I am feeling.  ( scanned the room,  glanced the examiners,  was a bit nervous) 

Smiled back.  Replied, "I am good sir "with smile 

Cm 2: 

So seeing from your daf,  you have been very good in academics,  you gave diverse interests so we will ask you few questions.  There is water if you need. You have paper and pen.  Think before you speak and feel comfortable. 

What is this idcf ( from daf)  what did you exactly  do in it?  

Me:Sir idcf is intensive diarhoea control fortnight. 

Q.Explain more about it

A: Diarhoea is one of the major causes of childhood mortality. It is also  responsible for malnutrition in children which becomes a vicious cycle.  

Q.Your role in it 

A:Sir ors zinc corner at phc was organised.  Went to anganwadis we were alotted,  went to houses to ask if there is any child,  and if there is he/ she having any complains of diarhoea.   Q.Explained breast feeding mothers in those houses about importance of breast feed and danger signs in a child.  Gave ors and zinc tablets.    Discussed with stakeholders how to prepare ors.  

Q .What else for diarhoea is being done?  

A.Imnci, rotavirus vaccine ,sanitation drives,deworming ( few cross questions can't recall)  

2. How did you prepare for breast feeding awareness week?  

A.Sir as we interns were told to address the gathering, first of all we prepared the right information to be delivered as we were in a responsible position.  

Reading bookish language would have not worked.  I am versed with local dialect haryanvi so inculcated it to explain better as mothers would connect better.  ( nobody would understand colostrum,  everyone would understand shuru me nikalne wala peela dudh:  used hindi here)  

Dummy doll of cloth or simple doll was tried for live demonstration. ( where to place the head how to hold baby) 

We waited for querries in public and if any mother was shy she could approach us after gathering as many mothers in rural areas don't feel comfortable discussing such issues in public. 

Q.What were the challenges you faced,  can you ennumerate.  What question were asked 

 How would you react?  Do the mothers openly raise doubts?  

A:1. Myths about breast feeding like shehad chata do..  Cow milk is better than mother milk.. If baby gets jaundicr don't feed or if baby/ mother is ill don't breast feed.  

2. One of mother in law was asha,  the daughter in law was shy. Women don't ask.  ( they all Laughed) 

3. Breast absess is because of breast feeding. ( many have this myth) 

How to take care of such issues.  

4. How much to feed when to feed.  

5. Signs of proper attachments

( I went a bit fast in all these,  sir seemed impressed)  


Q .Issues in tackling such issues with moms (explained _ there was a light joke)   explained oope,  ayushman bharat,  access to services,  faith in private sector,  stats for anc checkups and immunisation  etc(nfhs quoted)) 

 Q.Who gathered public_asha ( there was a comment don't you think they are hard to catch.. I smiled,  that they have huge responsibility and at times it's difficult to coordinate but I think with right coordination and planning we can a lot roles to all stake holders) 

 Q.Where are we lacking in providing access to those women 

challenges of equality in women sector.  Equal rights vs equality of rights.  There was a beautiful quote.. Can't recall it.. Sir asked me to explain it 

It's essence was that equality of rights in political terms is meaningless if social and economic empowerment is not done along with it.  The glass ceiling is not visible.  If a wife has no say in home decisions or the daughter in law in some extremely poor family is the last one to eat food because of custom of everyone eating first or if she doesn't have say on her health,  pregnancies or career choices then true empowerment is difficult.  Laws and policies can command from top but ultimately social change will be from society. Beti bachao beti padhao can be otruely successful only when beti ko man se padhao(spoke on these lines.. Almost similar) 

Why women don't come forward  (explained a bit poetically)  three reasons _ society along history.. Attitude that can't shouldn't.. Nothing will change.. At times women pull down women that's a bit disappointing. But on a positive note now daughters are moving forward. 

Why issue in public health access. 

 light joke

Member 1  

1. How do you manage headache ( technical) 

2. What do you ask specifically. 

3. Similar scenario.. Chaha kya mila kya.. Any govt scheme you want to discuss ( i said rntcp)  he said no somethin more common.. Rntcp is like your comfort zone. 

4. He said I decide demonetisation 

5. Success failure( success in terms of increasing direct tax base.. Rest failures explained. 

6. Why

7 who do you blame 

8 is it only bankers fault 

9. I replied any policy is as good as its implementation.  So i think mismanaged planning ,  corrupt officials if they indulged and also corrupt people responsible. 

Member 2

 surrogacy ethical issues.

Cross question that you are confusion creating with invitro.  Seperate them and clarify. Did so gave examples of Japanese couple comtroversy,surrogacy in gujrat,  cerebral palsy baby and recent news of embryo being carried by air illegally. 

Member 3

India Pakistan diplomacy many counter questions( extended a bit... There were few jokes here and there)  

Foreign secretary stance

India China issue

Air craft carier

First air craft carier( I said sir it was hms from britain,  it was made museum.. It's either virat aur viraj I can't recall now) 

Floating air base of India

How do you solve the cross border issue 

Pakistan positive and negative of all approqches available( they said take a minute and answer by considering everything.. Used paper and pen here)  

Member 4

Khap panchayat and many cross questions asked to take stand ( said that once upon a time they were relevant people looked upon them.. But now we have constitutional machinery laws and everything in place.  So letting a social body become judge jury executive is a risky step.  They may have taken frw good decisions  but many we're controversial)  asked which?  Jeans/ using cell phones.. Parading a particular caste person..role in Manoj babli hatyakand ( I realised I used hatyakand and then made oops face),  social boycott etc.. 

Whqt is similar between your place of birth and the place you stay what's difference ( explained with stats) 

Ghana in news why

Explained as very recent news.. Recent news.. A bit older news.. For past three months. 

Stray cattle how will you manage( counter questions.. Answered. 

Reason behind stray cattle 

You are dc manage them 

Why do you live in one district  ans you are born in another 

Why with grandparents 


Ted talk with weird name. 

(Not watched).  Do watch it

I will tll you crux of it 

Now you explain

Creative life in children how to bolster 

( answered_

 Coincidentally was on similar lines of talk ..sir was like lier you have seen it..the chart idea was in it.. I was like it's a good coincidence that I turned out lucky here.

( I said village level  three  zones .. Anganwadi for pre school non formal education( give a kid blank chart..domt teach him how to draw a tree..tell him to draw how he percieves it..very cheap..ome chart and colors needed..) Similarly singing prayers or dancing can be seen right from that level.... Govt school for opportunities and career development ( I ended up saying sir we can't always complain of lack of resources most of athletic games don't require expensive equipment..games like khokho, relay race etc just need ground and talent and outgoing students career counseling( mentioned kota delhi as coaching hubs suicide rates etc) right at village level

What is good news

(I don't know) 

Three o clock modi 

I said I didn't have access we are not allowed

I will break it to you

Anti satellite missil e

What do you think kya h ye 

Explained. It turned out to be correct t

We should not be expecting this from you but Who is having it other than us

( ended up saying if India tested China might be having)  


What will you do after you go from here

Will watch manikarnika with grandparents

Jhasi ki rani?  

Yes sir.  

Pay our regards to your grandparents.  

All the best. 

Good luck.  

( was getting up.. Saree got entangled in a nail.. I was like either come out or get torn.. But any how it punched  out of that nail..And I rushed out to after wishing good day and thanking all) 

I have missed few factual questions and situation based questions specially in ir( kartarpur cprridor khalistan etc.which we all know)..  It would have become over detailed.  When I recall I will resend.  

That was my interview.  

I went a bit fast while speaking.  


Copy Paste #2

On anti satellite missile part.. When he told me the good news I reflexly said congratulations sir.  He smiled and asked why are you congratulating me.  I said congratulations to all honourable board members and our country for such development in field of science and tech.. They all started laughing.

Interview of Kajal, from last year. 201 marks

Rank is around under 40. 28 if I remember correctly. Shared from whatsapp last year.

Interview date:20 Feb

Sathyavathy Ma’am board

Qualification: B.Tech in ECE (2006-10)

Optional: Zoology 

Working in technology risk consulting for 8.5 years

Hobby: Cooking and reading about blockchain

C: Read our my name and pronounced incorrectly 

Me: Politely corrected her

C: You are from Uttarakhand?

Me: No Ma’am, born in Uttarakhand but from Uttar Pradesh

C: Read aloud my qualification, experience and hobbies to other members

Me: Kept nodding and smiling

C: Why do you want to be an IAS

Me: Answered but ma’am wasn’t satisfied

C: You are earning very well, why IAS?

Me: Anecdote from personal life but ma’am still looked unsatisfied

C: Why civils? You are in a good place in your life

Me: Answered with a personal anecdote. She seemed pleased

C: Why do you like cooking

Me: Told what got me cooking and why I like cooking

C: Where all can blockchain be used

Me: Answered

C: Can Aadhar data be secured using blockchain?

Me: Answered with technical details

C: Is there any possibility of data loss in Blockchain?

Me: Explained possible scenarios

C: Is there any way to hack someone’s password for Bitcoin wallet? There was a news a week back about a man dying along with his password

Me: Tried to answer

C: Is there a possibility of losing data (All members talked among themselves about the poor chap who died)

Me: Sorry ma’am, I need to research more on this possibility

M4: How will we get to know the output of your research?

All laughed. I smiled.

M1: tell me your opinion on three things: Reservation, skill training and compulsory military training

Me: Answered

M1: So you think it should be done?

Me: Yes sir, it is needed. Then talked about reservation 

M1: What should be the limit?50%?

Me: I said 50% ensures equality and elaborated. Was cut short

M1: Military training?

Me: Answered

M2: Name some national parks in Uttarakhand 

Me: Answered

M2: Sampling methods for tiger populations count

Me: Explained

M2: Two very well known birds that are threatened?

Me: Answered

M2: Why Vulture populations dwindling?

Me: Answered 

M2: Methods to restore avian populations

Me: Tried to answer. When prodded for more, apologised and said I don’t know 

M2: Why I dia so far behind in Textiles production 

Me: Answered

M2: what are your service preferences 

Me: listed till no. 6

M2: Let’s assume IFS as first. What is Brexit?

Me: Answered

M2: Will Theresa May Govt fall on this

Me: No Sir because..cut short

M3 (a lady member): Invasive species

Me: Answered

M3: Why women not educated and employed. challenges?

Me: Told some real life challenges seen first hand

M3: What can be done?

Me: Still harped on some issues and options

M3: but even educated people are against women venturing out sometimes

Me: Talked more 

M4: Sexual harassment opinion?

Me: spoke of issues

M4: Need for self defence training

Me: spoke in favour

M4: What about me too

Me: Spoke favour and against

M4: what about men who are being harassed. They need a National Commission for men

Me: Spoke against the need for such a commission

M4: final question. has Ganga been cleaned

Me: Both sides of the story and did not take a final decision on this 

Everyone smiled

Sathyavathy Ma’am told me the interview was over

I thanked them, time wished them and came out

Interview transcript of Krishan Kumar

204 marks, selected for IPS last year.

Interview Transcript.pdf

@orchid123 Congrats on your interview call!

When is your interview scheduled? Started with mocks?

@orchid123 I hope you are the same person whose copies I saw this year before Mains :-?

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