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Indian national movement comprised of a large and diverse sections of society. Consequently it has been studied from different perspectives. Marxist perspective is one main perspective. Marxists are critical of Nationalists and Colonialists for ignoring economic and class dimensions of freedom struggle.

According to marxists Indian national movement emerged in the special circumstances precipitated by Colonial Economy and administration. MN Roy argues that the Indian National Movement was led by indigenous bourgeoisie who had to contend with contradictions at 2 levels . At one level they had to protect their interest from colonial govt and the foreign capital, which they did through nationlist movement, but at the other level they also had to ensure that the national movement didn't lead to Class consciousness among peasants and workers. They wanted to use the proletariat only to the extent of forcing the colonnialists tho flee and not beyond that. According to RP Dutt this was the reason why Gandhi adopted the strategy of Struggle Truce and Struggle and called off Non-cooperation and CDM movements as soon as they turned violent and threatened native bourgeois interests. 

The marxist scholars argue that Indian Nationalism reflected the "ideology and aspiration of the young bourgeoise". The native capitalists emerged in late 19th century with establishment of textile industries and reached pinnacle during WW1. Initially their demands were moderate and consisted in demanding civil service reforms, preventing drain of wealth etc. Once they matured during ww1 they became more assertive culminating in Gandhi including bourgeoise demands in his Salt Satyagraha movement.This led some marxists to call Gandhi "the mascot of bourgeoise".

However not all marxists agree with the idea that indian national movement was fought for selfish interests of native bourgeoise. Bipan Chandra in his book India's struggle for independence moves away form instrumental approach of ealier marxists and calls Gandhian movement a Gramscian movement which included a protracted war of position to build counter hegemony and finally a war of position in the form of Quit India Movement to overthrow the british. He argues that the work done by gandhi in breaking the british ideological hegemony had the effect of liberating people from the idea that britishers were superior to Indians. And By criticisng modernity itself and calling it satanic and cruel, Gandhi brought the whole notion of western superiority into question.

But even Bipan Chandra agrees that Indian national movement was greatly influenced by bourgeoise. Thus, even though various classes and groups were involved in the movement, it ultimately served the fundamental interests of the Indian bourgeois classes. Nevertheless, Marxist interpretation has added greatly to the understanding of Indian Nationalism and has brought forth the contribution of peasant and worker classes in national movement.

--is this sufficient for 15 marker. just read a few pages of ignou material and mixed whatever i knew with whatever was given there.

Not a critique but this seems too long even for a 20 marker. Why don’t you try writing on UPSC style sheets to get a fair idea of how much of this would actually fit in the sheet? 

Thanks for your suggestion. This was not meant as an actual upsc answer. The thing is I am preparing topics in question and answer format As I don't have time to read much, and mams notes seem fragmented and don't have a flow. So by framing answers I am trying to create narrative for myself, something like a story that I can remember.

So I wanted to ask if this much material will suffice for psir qsn or should I add some more dimensions, scholars etc

You could probably add a critique of the Marxist scholarship as well, just to balance it out towards the end

efficacy of judicial review in india?

Today Crash Course paper is same as June one or different as Batch 1 dont have any test today ?

Anyone ?

Jai Shree Ram !


Today Crash Course paper is same as June one or different as Batch 1 dont have any test today ?

Anyone ?

Haven’t taken the crash course yet  to confirm


Can anybody help me with regard to which PSIR test series is good? Apart from Shubhra ranjan's. 

I'm not really looking for good evaluation but the standard of questions should be good.

Thanks :)

Anyone looking to sell Shubhra ranjan's crash course for PSIR?
I'm willing to buy PSIR Shubhra Mams Crash course 2021. So those who want  to sell can contact me here: 8919395732. Either through whatsapp or telegram. No phone cal as there is no signal at my place.
Anyone made crash course notes of today and last week lectures. Please share. I joined late

Jai Shree Ram !

@Usain_bolt  Aristotle ka

guys this time paper 2 hit hard. toppers got much less marks in paper 2. what could be possible reasons and any learning from that and tips to score more in 2022 mains

Today Crash Course paper is same as June one or different as Batch 1 dont have any test today ?

Did you figure out if it's the same or different?


Today Crash Course paper is same as June one or different as Batch 1 dont have any test today ?

I had called their office to enquire. They said it's the same

@Marcelo can you suggest better PSIR testseries apart from shubra ranjan mam

@Marcelo can you suggest better PSIR testseries apart from shubra ranjan mam

See there are several others but their answers have been copied and lack any human touch. Maam's answers are quite organic and especially the videos of answers

Has anyone joined onlyias psir test series ? Is it good enough

Hey guys! Can anyone help me with the criticism of Social constructivism? Thanks.

Hey everyone! I'm looking for joining PSIR crash course of Shubhra Ma'am, since it's a bit expensive it would be really helpful if youplease share your review of it and is it worth it? Also if there are any alternatives. 

Hey! Which toppers answer booklets are you guys using as your template for your answer framing?!


suggest me some good toppers booklet to refer to... Please don't be so dry

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