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Places in news for CSE Prelims 2020

Places in news is an important topic for CSP. The idea of this thread is to share all important places I have covered from newspapers, hoping something clicks ;)

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1. Duqm Port, Oman

India secured access to Duqm port on Oman’s south-eastern seaboard that is ideally situated between two other Chinese strategic jewels: Gwadar port on Pakistan’s Makran coast and Djibouti on the Horn of Africa.

Oman Duqm port: Access to Omani port to help India check China at Gwadar |  India News - Times of India

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2. Bougainville Island

- largest island of the Solomon Islands Archipelago.

- island has the world’s largest copper deposits.

- south Pacific Archipelago of Bougainville voted to become independent of Papua New Guinea.

Map of Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea Map, Geography of Papua New  Guinea Map Information - World Atlas

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Farzad B gas field

This is the gas field which is located in Persian Gulf under the control of Iranian sovereignty and India is progressing on acquisition and exploration of this.

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4. Puerto Williams in Chile has become world’s southernmost city after its status upgraded from hamlet to city. It took over the title from Ushuaia in Argentina which was world’s southernmost city till recently.

Puerto Williams: World's Southernmost City - Current Affairs Today

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5. India is developing its maiden deep-sea port in Indonesia's Sabang close to Andaman and Nicobar Islands making its maiden foray in the southeast Asian amid China’s slew of connectivity plans for ASEAN under BRI.

India's coastline now 'extends' from Seychelles to Indonesia | India News -  Times of IndiaIndia's Tsunami Relief For Indonesia Supplements A Strategic Pacific Twist  - Strategic News International
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​Oldest known natural pearl in the world has been discovered by Abu Dhabi archaeologists working at a Neolithic site on Marawah Island, just off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

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6. Feni River

The Feni river, which forms part of the India-Bangladesh border, originates in the South Tripura district, passes through Sabroom town on the Indian side, and meets the Bay of Bengal after it flows into Bangladesh.The dispute over the sharing of the river water has been long-standing.Joint Rivers Commission (JRC) in Dhaka, agreed to collect data and prepare water-sharing agreements for seven rivers — Manu, Muhuri, Khowai, Gumti, Dharla, Dudhkumar, and Feni.

For better link, India seeks to widen 35km of Bangladesh road | India News  - Times of India

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7. Etalin Hydropower Project Arunachal Pradesh- construction of two dams over the tributaries of Dibang: Dir and Tangon. JV with Jindal Power.

Etalin Hydel Plant's Future Now Hangs on Its Economic Viability - The Wire  Science 

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Bhai continue this thread I will also contribute

8. Yettinahole River Diversion project aims to divert water from four perennial streams of River Nethravati in the Western Ghats of Karnataka towards drought-hit districts in Karnataka.

Yettinahole project - INSIGHTSIAS

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9. Dardanelles Strait is a narrow, natural strait and internationally significant waterway in northwestern Turkey that forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey.The Dardanelles connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, while also allowing passage to the Black Sea by extension via the Bosphorous. 
STRAITS NAVIGATION - Arkas Holding S.A.Dardanelles | Strait, Map, History, & Meaning | Britannica
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Amazing initiative. :)

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10. Gulf of Alexandretta, also known as the Gulf of Issus or Gulf of İskenderun, forms the eastern most boundary of the Mediterranean Sea at the southern coast of Turkey near its border with Syria. It is a gulf or inlet of the Levantine Sea, the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin.

Mediterranean Navy Ports

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Important locations on SCS. 

Scarborough Shoal- Disputed primarily between China and Philippines. 

Senkaku Islands- Japan/China

Paracel Islands (Woody Islands) and Spratly Islands: Vietnam/China/Thailand/Philippines/Brunei and pretty much everyone in the region. 

Please note that Senkaku Islands (Diayou islands) is in the East China Sea, not SCS. 

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11. Thitu Island: known as Pag-asa (“Hope Island”) in the Tagalog language of the Filipinos who inhabit it – has become  increasingly contentious geopolitical dispute involving the Philippines, China and four of their Pacific Rim neighbors: Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Manila wants South China Sea outpost to be tourism draw, SE Asia News & Top  Stories - The Straits Times

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Great initiative!

Adding to the list-

Mahananda (a tributary of Ganga)- originates in Darjeeling; flows through Bengal, Bihar and Bangladesh

Mechi- tributary of mahananda- originates in mahabharat range of nepal; join mahananda on right bank in kishanganj, bihar.

In news for-- Kosi-mechi interlinking project.

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