Post Mains [How to utilise time between October to December]

What should be the way forward for the students who have written Mains ? How to utilise the time between October to December. There are lot of Dos and Don’t’s available regarding post-prelims but not a single about post-mains. I request Neyawn to throw some light on it. Your tips are really show correct path. 
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Hello @neyawn!

I graduated in 2017, took a decent paying software job (10+), worked for a year and then quit in June 2018. Took coaching from Vajiram during 2018-19. CSE 2019 was my first attempt. I cleared prelims and gave Mains, which went okayish (almost full attempted). After resting for 2-3 days, anxiety started to creep. Thoughts of joining back software job came, which might be because of lack of UPSC peer group. 
Regarding gaps in my Mains preparation

    - I did not take Essay coaching or test series in this attempt. Just wrote 5-6 essays and brainstormed about some more

    - Optional (Sociology) notes, GS4 notes are ready. 

    - For GS2, GS3 - relied on standard sources (Laxmikanth, Mrunal, Shankar etc) and filled the gaps Vision value added material 

I tried to study for RBI Grade B in October but have zero motivation for this exam, so this month was unproductive (but still managed to read TheHindu every day, sometimes coupled with videos.)
How should I move ahead from here?

Can you suggest some affordable classes which are held regularly so that I can get back to a routine?

I'm thinking of focusing on both, Pre+Mains as well as Interview till the results are out.


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Focus on Pre+Mains+ Interview means no focus at all. Focus means keeping the target area small.

The Prelims can wait for sometime for you. Work on your lacuna in Mains.

And give 1-1.5 hours to Interview prep in the evening.

Hey @neyawn!

I wrote my first mains in 2019 (2nd attempt). I could answer all questions and I'm optimistic about the results. 

I joined MGP after failing in 2018 prelims. I have made my notes for almost all the topics. So, the thing about working on weak areas is less applicable. I mean, I need to read world history kind of things. But otherwise, I am sorted. 

Now, I want to join SFG batch this December. But the test is this sunday and the program starts before the Mains result is announced. So, I'm uncertain about it. Should I join SFG now? or the later batch? I'm scared of Prelims (more than anything else in the world. Such uncertainty. )

About writing Mains test series, I think I can manage it post 2020 prelims. My writing skills are decent. Plus, I have written many MGP tests. So, any loopholes w.r.t Mains prep can be covered post- prelims.

What's the best use of the present time? I'm reading transcripts. I'm gradually planning to start preparing topics for interview i.e. current affairs preparation. 

Please guide w.r.t SFG.

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