(SFG) How do you manage to wake up at 6 AM to reach Forum by 7 ? ... and that too daily !!

Friends, the great SFG people, how do you manage to reach Forum by 7 AM. I feel, waking up at 6 AM is not so easy for everyone. Please share your genuine hack and experience.

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I sleep by 11pm,eat dinner by 8pm(lite food)

Keep alarm at 5am, slog for 10 mins.But take bath at anycost. Evrything become activate after bath.

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I feel when you know that something is important for you to a great degree, no matter how much you hate to wake up, you do get up, at times even before the deadline.

I, personally was never a morning person and right now also I don't sleep very early but when it comes to waking up every day, I think I am doing pretty decent job. I wake up at 5:20 a.m and once you inculcate a habit it eventually becomes a life style. 

So, I guess, telling yourself every day that WHY and HOW MUCH IMPORTANT  any thing is going to sail anybody through anything. 

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Agar UPSC ko shiddat se chaho to sari kaynaat tumhe subah jagane me lag jayegi :p 

I was never a morning person but now sleep by 12 and wake up at 6 am. Difficult only first 2-3 days. 

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I sleep by 10pm, have my dinner before 8pm. I get a sound sleep of 7 hours so that I don't feel lazy throughout my day. 

I wake up at 5am, do some exercise like surya namaskar 20-30 times. By doing some exercise, I am very much energised and then I take a bath, do some meditation for about 10 minutes. 

I eat something light, like a fruit. 

The main problem is not with waking up, but with the biological cycle. We don't have a habit of waking up early as we never used to do this in college days. But with practice of few days, it will become a part of your routine which eventually you will not like to miss. 

I practiced this for 1 month before joining SFG. 

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For initial few days, before going to sleep, keep telling yourself that you have a task to finish in the early hours of tomorrow. This will set your body in an auto mode. You will wake up. The only thing you need then is to wash your face immediately. This will become a habit.

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