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Official: SFG / RLG All Tests Discussions in one place

Test 15, Question 5:

-Calcutta Madarsa was established by Warren Hastings

-Fort William college was also set up by Wellesley in 1800.

But the options provided didn't have both 2 & 3. Please tell me where am i going wrong?


Test 15, Question 22

Element of responsible government was introduced with Montford reforms when theminsters were responsible to the legislative assembly in the provinces and no confidence motion could be passed against them.
Please explain how it was not a new principle?


Test 23-Question: 47

Avangard is a Hypersonic missile but isnt hypersonic as subset of supersonic.

Supersonic range: >1 mach

Hypersonic range: >5 machs

Please elaborate.


Test 25: Question 26

Please look into the question. Better clarity in the options should have been provided. 
Test 25: Question 49

The explanation and answer does not match. 


Test 28: Question 26
UP is the largest producer of sugar. NCERT quotes the ranking as per 2005-06

Question 39: 
South America has 2 rivers with the name of Negro. Accordingly option A and option D both should be correct.


@Disciple Please reply regarding the issue of River Negro. Please address the same. The revised ranklist just mentions about question 26.


Test 34 Question 21:

Consider the following statements regarding the Money Bill:

1. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is authorised to decide whether the Bill is a Money Bill or not.

2. It has to be introduced in the Lok Sabha as per Article 110 of the Constitution.   

What does the second statement mean in this context?
A-110 does not contain the procedure to introduce the money bill but what constitutes a money bill. It does create a doubt whether it talks aboutArticle 109 i.e: special procedures to introduce a money bill



I would like to bring into your notice that January 2019 edition of factly, Page 37 has mentionedPM as the chairman of NTCA. Though it is not a big issue and can be easily verified but it creates a doubt over the credibility of Factly as a source to rely upon for Prelims. 
I hope such issues are resolved and if needed a re verification of the monthly booklets be done to ensure reliable content to study.
Rest i am very thankful to ForumIas for their tenacious efforts to support the students even in these grave times.


Test 45 Question 46
Mahmud of Ghazni plundered Somnath temple in his first expedition to India. 
Please re-verify the correctness of this statement.

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