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The Group usage here is a little cumbersome, so I am creating this thread to make sure that all questions with doubts stay in one place. Can someone push all the doubts and queries here? I will make this an announcement?

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please re-evaluate Q28) of Test no 2. Your answer key says C)1&2only is correct. But the word secular was added by 42nd constitutional amendment 1976. So answer should be A) 1 only

▪︎ Even Asian Development Bank also has 68 members; "Nuie" joined it as 68th member on march 2019. (Q14)

@Chanakya  Secular word in the constitution was already present in Article 25 from the starting. 42nd ammendment added secular word to the preamble.

Question says "Constitution" and not Preamble.

Also, please form a whatsapp group instead of discussing here in haywire form

SFG Test 4 Q2 Asks which is NOT Ans has to be B not C

@khaldrogo @root  sir question 02 key is incorrect it asked about not features of 1947 act.

Can anyone clarify question no 21,is the option reverse tranche position intentionally given in place of reserve tranche position or is there any reverse tranche position in economy.

Test 4: Question 6) Bicameralism is feature of Indian Parliamentary system, right?

troae said

Test 4: Question 6) Bicameralism is feature of Indian Parliamentary system, right?

Bicameralism is not a feature of parliamentary form of govt rather it's feature of federal form of govt.

There are many corrections in the answer key of Test 4, I hope a revised answer key will soon be provided.

Also question no. 39, basic structure, option d, would be correct- harmony and balance b/w structure of Indian Constitution, So. eco. justice, and mandate to build welfare state.

@Steve no the key is crct,the option is given harmony & balance btw fr n fd,but basic structure is btw fr & dpsp

Look into question no. 21 

Answer should be D

@Patrick_jane han, thank you for pointing it out to me!!

Kindly explain question no. 19 3rd statement

Can any one share the link of RANKLIST, if they published it anywhere else.
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