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Q.26 answer key says conduct of judges cannot be discussed...but it can be discussed when an impeachment motion is under consideration


I am not aware of the question, and I am not a part of the Academy Team, but here is the thing. In such questions, always consider two ways to decide the case

#1 Can the Statement be generally held true? If yes then we consider it as correct

#2 If I negate / opposite of the statement, then does it stay right or wrong? For example, the statement "conduct of judges can be discussed in the Parliament" can we say that it is true? We cannot say it . So we will hold the first statement to be true.

Please do not check the truth value of a statement.Otherwise what will happen is that even in simple questions, you will make an error. For example, It is the President who summons the House. Now if you think that in absence of the President, who will do this, then there will be someone, so you will get it wrong.


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CARA is statutory body of Ministry of Women & Child Development established under Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.answer of Q.21 should be C


Water disputes Act 1956 does not empower empowers centre to set up ad hoc tribunal

answer of Q.49 should be C


Why is option C wrong. Isn’t it a vague statement?ans can be either A or D


How can you have such confusion? It means you are not reading the qustion carefully. Read the questions twice!

#21 AFAIK, CARA and NCPRC are not created by Juvenile Justice Act! JJA only established the JJ Board! Answer is correct!

#49 It says NOT! You are correct. Are you not putting a box around the "not" or "incorrect" as soon as you see it? It is suicidal! You will get these questions wrong in exam also. From next test please put a rectangle around NOT . INCORRECT WRONG etc.

#32 Key is correct. IT is a factual question!



SFG 2.0 Test 10, Modern History

Please check Q. 19 & 36

Q. 19 - Privileges were given in other areas as well like Surat, Hyderabad and Madras. Some of them were earlier privileges that were extended and were put in these farmans. So, shouldn't we assume that in terms of granting trade concessions the farmans were limited to Bengal, Bihar and Orissa but in terms of privileges given it included whole India. 

So, in my opinion, the correct option would be C i.e., both statement 1 and statement 3 are correct. 

Q. 36 - After Bassein Treaty, Marathas had to cede territory (yielding an amount of 26 lakhs) to the British, forgo their right to collect Chauth from Nizam territory and surrender Surat. All this would have weakened the Maratha Empire economically and these can be clubbed together as war indemnity. 

So, in my opinion, the correct option would be C i.e., both statement 1 and statement 2 are correct. 


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