Starting UPSC preparation today for 2020. Serious aspirants can join and veterans can give their advice how to manage it.

If only anyone can help how to manage PSIR preparation alongwith with prelims. 



It’s a downhill journey from here if you are trying to manage both PSIR and Prelims.

More people flunk prelims because of being confused between Prelims and Optional than because of being actually weak at MCQs.

Thete can be an exception , which would be in case you have some experience of cracking competitive exams before. By which I mean, three abilities

The ability to make quick notes and secondly, the ability to study under pressure. Thirdly, memorising facts and figures that are must needed for the exam.

Lastly, you will need to sit like an idiot and keep sitting for long hours.

Someone has done it before, exactly in the same shoes as you. You can watch him here

A good way to begin will be to begin with Prelims preparation. If you make it, you will have the paths open to the Mains by yourself. Having been in this arena for sometime now, I would however recommend you to read this article I wrote sometime back.

@Neyawn  this post is a magnum opus for anyone starting or exhausted few attempts. 

@Neyawn  this post is a magnum opus for anyone starting or exhausted few attempts. 

Thank you. It’s difficult to be sane or monk. You”re both !! :)

@Neyawn Thanks for this :) Im good at answer writing and gave many mocks :) Prelims has always been an issue for me :) This is my second attempt and your article is a lifesaver :D

@Neyawn  too sane to come out from this viscious cycle of UPSC :) :) whenever I feel out of track I just read your above-mentioned post and remind myself your line " if not clearing prelims then need to do something more radical than others". 

Your article is  a gem.

"Work hard. You are young. There will be a time when you will be old, ill, lazy, tired - but that is 20 years from now. Why work less hard when your biology is working in your favor?"

I'm taking this with me.

Thank you tons, Sir.

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