It's not regarding this attempt but this feeling of mine got strong after result . Since last 2-3 days I have heard success and failure stories, I have came across people who have written multiple mains and multiple interviews still not able to make to the finals and here I am failed in 2 prelims itself . I feel I stand no where in the competition . 

1.Last year's AIR 9 cleared Prelims for the first time in her 3rd attempt and went on to get quite a good rank.(In her own words- She even expected failing to clear Prelims in 3rd attempt also)

2. I remember Pooja Ranawat Mam failing 4 continuous Prelims. Then she cleared with a decent rank and being PSIR topper that year.

3. This year's topper Pradeep Singh started in 2012. He failed in his first 2 Prelims and stopped preparing for UPSC. Joined Police as a normal inspector. Then came back for 2017 attempt to first clear IRS and then get AIR Rank in the next attempt.

Aaagey to@Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh bhi btayenge. As he says- Ham honge kamyab ek din.


This year Rank 6 is also 2 prelims fail then 3rd time m sidha 6th rank... 

#Unpredictable_PSC it is :)



Let me share my painful story:

Year 2010 ->Passed out from a top NIT

October 2013 ->left a highly paid job and came to Delhi to prepare for Civil Services

Gave 6 attempts back to back from CSE 2014 to CSE 2019

Wrote Mains in all the attempts

Gave Interview in CSE 2016 and CSE 2019

Missed Final list narrowly in CSE 2016,also missed Reserve list by 2 marks

On 4th August 2020, i was not able to find my name in the final list again. Not able to accept the reality till now. For CSE 2019, i had given all. Wrote more than 60 tests (joined multiple test series of GS,Essay, & Public Ad) and consistently scored good marks in all the test series. Moreover, i used to get better rank/score than this year's topper (AIR-1) in Pawan Kumar Sir's Public Ad test series.But all my hardwork has become meaningless. Life has become very difficult. Since i belong to obc so still i have attempts left but no courage left inside me. It seems Yeh andheri raat kabhi khatm nahi hogi:confused:


#Apna_Number_Aayega 💐


Hi All, I am not sure if I was the oldest here among the aspirants for 2019 but definitely not the youngest. 

Have been an upsc aspirant since 2011. Yes it's been 9 long years.

Brief about me-

Graduate from a decent national college in engineering 

Working professional in a reputed MNC in India

6 Prelims, 5 Mains and 4 interviews (no guesses on why the name now 😊)

3 years of teaching upsc aspirants, proud to have 2 of them clearing the exam in 2017 and 2018.

Hoping for another 3 to break the ranks in 2020. (Watch out 😋)

The Gyan-

1. Working in a private firm, you need to know how to manage your time both for preparation and work life balance.

2. For working people, discipline is the key and there is no substitute to it. My schedule transformed to waking up at 4 and scrapping away 2-3 hrs on weekdays for preparation and 10-12 hrs on weekends. Define weekly hours of preparation and move your way forward, last weeks acceleration is of little use

3. Always and always seek professional help in your preparation and areas of syllabus(most of us have not even read the actual syllabus completely- I did read it completely only after 3rd attempt). Joining classes for mains and optional is important - Don't think you can read and know it on your own in isolation. Study in a class and have a group to discuss your newly acquired knowledge.

4. Choose your optional wisely. I had geography as my optional (and I have taught 2 batches of students of it as well 😊). It wasn't my core +2 subject nor was it my graduation subject. Hence if you pick such an optional, join a class and seek coaching from a regular teacher. It will only help you as the person teaching you knows better on providing conceptual clarity and better understanding of the topic. Also his/her analysis of previous year papers is not something easy to find.

5. It's not about the number of books you read, it's about re-reading the same old multiple times. ( Golden Rule). Authors of any book cant change the facts on the ground, hence all books are good in terms of content. For conceptual clarity some are better, but for that refer point 4.

6. Dont plan multiple times on your strategy, just execute any strategy once. That's the most important thing to remember. We usually plan more than execution.

7. Maintain a work life balance - Dont over burden your self with preparation and think this exam is your life and only career option. Take breaks, they actually ease your mind to prepare better. Extended studying days develop mental fatigue and builds frustration. So take small breaks to meet your friends, go for a trip or something that your like.

8. Analyse the papers and even your mocks on what went wrong and what went right as well. Usually aspirants dont analyse their answers but only check their mark ( inclusive of prelims as well).

9. Know where to stop, many topics are always over prepared and few under prepared. You should have a balance of ticking off all the points of the syllabus. Any topic you read you should only have about 500 words of notes on it and not more. There can only be one question and one question only on a topic. Hence maintain a balance within the syllabus.

10. Key areas missed by many aspirants - 

a) Give mocks essays - atleast 5 to 6

b) Focus on ethics paper, it's not a book to read or knowledge to acquire in a couple of weeks but a process of atleast a month or two

c) Read newspapers of atleast two years before appearing.

d) Dont give multiple back to back attempts, take a break and prepare better. Then give it your last and best shot.

Overall, gyan as always thoda lamba hee hota hai.

Currently I have no regrets or feeling of sadness about the missed opportunity. Just enjoy the process it will transform you completely and you need to feel proud of your hardwork that you have been putting. 

Always there to assist and help anyone in their prep. 

Thanks if you have read it till the end. Hope it was of value to you.


Thankyou much brother for writing this.. I can feel the behindside of it.. Salute to your perseverance and outlook about things even in such a tough scenario.. Take a bow from a 2013 wala pappu engineer !! Best wishes for your good life ahead bhai😊😊 🤗🤗



If you have appeared in CSE more than once and couldn't make it - share your pain stories here. Especially Senior Aspirants (4+ attempts type). How you felt or feeling after multiple failures ? What challenges you faced or facing ? How you are trying to remain hopeful in the ocean of failures ? And Anything Else ! We can't reduce your pain but still you will feel good by sharing with anonymous co-travellers !! Best Wishes !!


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