What are your Post Mains Plans like? What do you plan to do till December?

So now that the Mains is over, how do you plan to spend ( or waste or utilise ) your days? Is it travel, gym studies, or plain browsing until the results come?
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Thanks sir for this initiative. 

I have decided to have - 

1. Revise and improve upon my optional-Geography through test series.

2. Do DAF analysis and also prepare Current Issues.

Although currently doing things with less vigour but striving to improve momentum and efficiency. 

Thanks Sir.


That sounds great! Do read the newspaper meanwhile. And may be RSTV debates. That should help!

Hello Neyawn Sir, I have heard a lot about telegram group by forumIas for CSE interview preparation. Could you please provide the link here?

Read Animal Farm, and currently halfway through Argumentative Indian. The spark and sense of independence post-mains has slowly waned away. Travelled rural Bihar(thanks to BPSC), met old friends, used social media like anything. 

Now back on my study table, plan to improve on optional first, then move to GS. Still unsure on how to go with GS3. Please help on this.


Make a list of topics. Read content from Businessline and Livmint on it and make notes. That is all. Can you share a list of topics based on GS Paper 3?

Could not correlate the study material and questions asked in GS-3. For static, read standard notes(env, eco). But everytime, halfway through felt like all this reading is futile.

For CA, nothing came much handy. Made notes for Food pro, Land reforms, subsidies(helped a bit).

Even GS3 of ForumIAS sim test(which most found easy) blew my mind away.

I think I need to read more extensively. Starting with NITI doc along with BusinessLine & Livemint. 

You just begin with Niti aayog and economic survey(s). You will know the challenges before Indian Economy. 

Also read it not from an aspirants perspective but from leisure reading. Makes a lot of difference.

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