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Which is the best pen for UPSC Mains?

@Neyawn possibly because it鈥檚 been 9+ years since I last used it, completely forgot about it鈥檚 existence 馃槄

@Neyawn I鈥檇 say the original Liquiflo was much better than Butterfow (obvious bias because I like thicker writing pens)
In my younger days I鈥檓 pretty sure I went to get the Butterflow but accidentally got Liquiflo and just fell in love. Was my go to pen for ~7 years, now can鈥檛 find the original anywhere. 

For me the biggest gripe is pens not working nicely on open sheets as opposed to notebooks. Like Pentonic works nicely on notebooks but not so good on open sheets, as do most other ball pens. Even with most of the thinner nib gel pens (0.5-0.7), they鈥檙e very unsettling and rough to use. So for sheets I prefer using roller balls or V7 but then they鈥檙e pretty dark so leave marks on the other side and even sheets below. 

If you guys like thick pens, Uniball eye has abroad version. Super smooth and till now the best pen I鈥檝e used. 

There鈥檚 a YouTube channel [https://youtube.com/channel/UC68CU8oPL-YwIkeIX5bLapQ] which has reviews for several pens and since I鈥檓 still in the process of finding my pen d鈥檃ffaires, a good resource for finding how thick or consistently a pen writes.
I have a hunch that it鈥檚 stupid but I鈥檓 very particular about my pens.

All my recent experiments but I still can鈥檛 find the one

@whatonly I did the same with Bic Cristal, all the ones are tried were extremely dry. Luckily I was able to return them however not before the pickup guy decided he didn鈥檛 trust me and wanted to count all 100, forgot his count twice before finally taking them away. I thought I learnt my mistake. 


2 weeks back I ordered two boxes of Pentonic B-RT after some regretfully hasty decision making. Now they鈥檙e hidden behind some books in the hope that Maa doesn鈥檛 find them and end my trysts with pens (albeit several of them)

@thesleepyhead looks like a good idea until you the pen sputters a bit and you forget you鈥檙e writing with a fountain pen. In this case, 鈥榙aag acche nahi hai鈥

@thesleepyhead all the white shirts with 鈥楰ICK ME鈥 sprawled on the back would know well XD

@Luffy Multiple reasons but in summary: ones on the left- too expensive for regular use along with some being too thick and some not waterproof etc; ones on the right- write too thin for my taste, my writing comes out shabby and some skip too much (dry ink or a rough ball)

Still out of these I鈥檓 most comfortable with Uniball eye fine, if you write bigger then I鈥檇 recommend Uniball eye broad.

@Luffy ah sorry 馃槄 

Very rough on open sheets, I don鈥檛 do a lot of rough work but they would have been useful on notebooks for sure. 

@calvinhobbes okay, thanks!

@KropotkinSchmopotkin yep, like Luffy said, eye needle but 0.7. Not waterproof I think but still a decent pen.

@KropotkinSchmopotkin  on the contrary, I absolutely love this thickness. I would have instantly ordered had it not been so costly :(

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